Tips to Help Men Last Longer in Bed

woman wants you to last longerSex is a modernized and expected thing. The ability to be able to derive pleasure while also triggering pleasure for your partner in sexual intercourse is important. You know what’s also important? Being able to last long enough for your female partner to actually orgasm. Yeah, that’s important. Sex is a two-way road, buddy. If you have a bit of a harder time holding on, you are in the right place.

“So how can I last longer in bed?” you might ask. Well, for starters, here are a couple of tips to help you out a little bit.

Tip #1: Engage in foreplay.

Engaging in foreplay (making out, dry humping, light touching of the woman’s breasts, deep tongue kissing, sensuous massaging, groping, kisses on the neck, fingering, mouth on genitals and/or breasts, etc.) is often the most enjoyable part of sex (if done correctly). Foreplay is very likely to increase duration ability and pleasure.
If your foreplay is strong, it forces your body and brain to have patience and resistance before you reach the point of ejaculation. It also activates more pressure points, making the sex that much more enjoyable.
Your foreplay template should mostly be created to pleasure your female partner because you might often find that when they’re enjoying it, it turns you on even further. Making sure they’re being pleasured and taken care of before you get into the actual intercourse is vital for good sex, but it also gives you the chance to practice your self-control and not fall apart while fingering her.

Tip #2: Practice building self-control.

Self-control really is a big factor in sexual intercourse. This can be achieved by masturbating regularly, which is perfectly healthy for men of all ages. Masturbation builds stamina to help you last longer in bed. It also helps if you masturbate an hour or two before sex.
Building control can also happen when you masturbate and squeeze the head of your penis 10-20 seconds before ejaculation. Aside from squeezing, the “stop-go” method is also helpful, as it makes you stop yourself just before ejaculation and take a deep breath before you continue going.

Tip #3: Communicate with your partner.

If the sex doesn’t feel great, talk to your partner. Let them know what’s going on and how the two of you can work to improve the sexual experience. Also be sure to tell them what works and what doesn’t. If they’re doing something in bed that you just don’t vibe with, communicate that to them. It’s important to listen to what they have to say in return, as well, because it may just increase your pleasure and theirs with a small adjustment on your part.
With these three easy and helpful tips, you should have a much better sexual experience from here on out. All three are very important in your sex life, but don’t be afraid to experiment to figure out what you like. It’s great to be accommodating, but it’s also great if your partner is willing to try something different for you, as well. Now that you have this information up for your sleeves, you should have no problem lasting longer in bed, men.