The Best Semen Enhancer For Men – An Objective Review of Volume Pills

Volume Pills Review

Let’s agree on one thing, nothing can be as frustrating to you as a man as getting a clear signal that your woman is disappointed by your performance in bed. Yes, sex is more than just a physical activity – how much of a blast you give as you ejaculate can make or break your relationship. Maybe you somewhat feel let down by your own performance, you ejaculate small spurts of semen every time you come and ultimately end up dissatisfied with yourself.

Well, all is not lost if you deliver between 3 ml to 5 ml of semen par ejaculation that’s considered normal but if you want to always have a waterfall of semen then you definitely a need semen enhancer. But there’s a problem. How do you establish which is the best semen enhancer available in the market today?

You might have heard about Volume Pills and maybe read or heard from friends that it’s one of the best semen enhancers available today. Here we review this product by looking at its ingredients, dosage, expected results, price, side effects and wind up by making a brief but insightful comparison against Semenax and Volutrex which are the other best semen enhancers in the market currently.

Volume Pills – A Brief Intro

Basically, these are semen enhancers. What does that mean? It means they make you shoot like a porn star. Yes, they make you shoot a much bigger load than you normally do. Volume Pills are a combination of herbal supplements made purposely to increase the volume of semen and ultimately intensify your orgasms. What else would you and your partner want?

How Do Volume Pills Work?

This product from Leading Edge Health works by enhancing semen production, which includes the semen volume too. These pills work by targeting the glands in your reproductive system to work overtime to produce a higher volume of semen for maximum sexual pleasure. To achieve this feat the pills contain powerful natural ingredients as highlighted below.


As mentioned above Volume Pills contain herbal and natural ingredients which include the following:

  • Zinc: With more than 20mg of zinc these pills provide you with a higher intake of zinc per day than the recommended 10 to 15mg per day. A higher intake of zinc boosts your levels of the hormone testosterone, and hence more than sufficient seminal fluids.
  • Hong Hua Fen: First discovered by the Chinese for its power to increase sperm count and motility the safflower is a vital ingredient in these semen enhancement pills.
  • Drilizen: This is what leads to an improved blood flow not only to your penis but to certain other areas of your body. This means better, harder and stronger erections for excellent sexual escapades.
  • Kua Gua: Also known as bitter melon this ingredient does a fantastic job in reducing the amount of fat in your body. Why is this important? High levels of fats in the body are associated with low testosterone levels which in effect mean a lower capacity to produce semen and the accompanying sperms.
  • Solidin: This ingredient stimulates the brain to produce more dopamine which your body giving you more sexual pleasure and intense erections.

These are not the only ingredients of Volume Pills but they suffice to explain why even doctors claim that these pills can actually help anyone who wants to realize long-lasting erections and significantly higher volumes of semen. Other ingredients include but are not limited to:

  • Drizilen
  • Tian Men Tong
  • Ling Zhi
  • Xian Mao
  • Emblica Officinalis


It’s recommended that you take 1 to 2 tablets per day. If you opt for the latter then you can take one in the morning and the other one in the evening. What results should you expect and after how long?

Expected Results

You expect to shoot much bigger loads of semen and more powerful ejaculations than before. In fact, according to the manufacturer, this product promises a 500% semen volume increase. But that’s not all you also expect greater sexual pleasure and intense erections. All these are what you need for more intense and gratifying orgasms in every session of sexual intimacy with your partner.

Well, but after how long? Don’t expect instantaneous results. Don’t take the pill in the morning and expect to perform like a star in the evening. You have to give the pills time to show their impact. Small gains will start to show in about 2 weeks, but full results appear after about a month or two.

Another good thing about the use of Volume Pills is that in normal circumstances you ejaculate some fairly watery semen in your second ejaculation within an hour from the first ejaculation. However, with the use of these pills, you can still ejaculate thicker semen in your second round.

All these sound great but at what price?


According to the official website, these pills are available in several packages which come at different discounted prices as highlighted below.

  • Platinum Package: A 12 month supply currently selling at $348.95


  • Gold Package: 6 month supply at $250.00


  • Most Popular: 3-month package at $160.00


  • Everyday Value: 2 month supply at $110.00


  • Starter Pack: 1 month supply at $65.00


Do Volume Pills Have Any Side Effects?

Though these pills are made from natural and herbal ingredients it doesn’t mean you might not experience some allergic reaction. This depends entirely on your body and health status. It’s therefore vital for you to seek your doctor’s advice before you start using these pills.

How do Volume Pills compare to its main rivals namely Semenax and Volutrex? Let’s see.

Volume Pills vs and Semenax

Though both are products of Leading Edge Health, Volume Pills contain a unique mixture of herbs and other ingredients. In fact, Volume pills are largely made of Chinese herbs and mushrooms. However, for the same duration of use Volume Pills are slightly more expensive than Semenax.

Volume Pills vs Volutrex

While Volume Pills guarantees a 500% improvement in semen volume, Volutrex promises a 300% increase. On the same note, Volutrex is a liquid supplement while Volume Pills are solid tablets.

With that sorted out, it’s clear these pills can be a big boost to your sex life. Use them as directed and have a fantastic sex life.