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Obama Blames YouTube Again

“In economic news, America’s Gross Domestic Product grew only one-tenth of one percent last quarter,” says NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller. “The Obama Administration was quick to blame the poor economic growth on a anti-Islamic YouTube video.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on the Benghazi Scandal, Hillary Clinton, Cinco de Mayo, John Boehner and Donald Sterling.

This Cat Tickles the Ivories

More than 4,000 videos exist starring Keyboard Cat. The original cat, Fatso, owned by Charlie Schmidt of Spokane, Wash., died in 1987. But the Keyboard Cat videos didn’t become a big craze until two decades later. Vice interviews Brad O’Farrell, who popularized the cat and forever changed how we perceive the Internet.

Egypt Bans YouTube

Unhappy over YouTube’s refusal to take down the controversial film The Innocence of Muslims, the Egyptian government has banned the site and other social media outlets for one month. What’s next? Will Switzerland block the Internet for five weeks because there are holes in Swiss cheese? ¬†And maybe the French should call for a moratium because YouTube shows skimpier Brazilian bikinis than their French counterparts? Now, this could get interesting.

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