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Tampon These

Some women wear tampons when and where they’re needed. Others wear them on their sleeves. Only fools and MSNBC commentators the likes of Melissa Harris-Perry would wear tampons dangling as earrings, as if that was somehow attractive or likely to engender a meaningful discussion. Alfonzo Rachel isn’t surprised by the appearance of a TV talking tampon. Listen to his reaction, even  if he delivers it without wearing a jockstrap on his head.

Sextreme Feminism

Breasts and politics — by combining the two with daring protests, FEMEN successfully captured the world’s attention in a short period of time. But do they really help the causes they represent, or are they simply provocateurs, hungry for the limelight? To lay bare these issues, Russia Today’s Oksana Boyco is joined by Inna Shevchenko, a prominent FEMEN activist.

Tunisia Arrests Femen Activist

Tunisia’s interior ministry has said that a female activist has been arrested for painting a feminist message on the wall of a mosque and trying to expose her breasts.

Ayatollahs Rule Out Women

With Iran’s presidential elections set for June 14, Mohammad Yazdi, a clerical member of the Guardian Council — Iran’s constitutional watchdog — has said the constitution rules out women being presidential candidates. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current, two-term president of Iran, also is forbidden to run for a third term, but is advancing the candidacy of one of his aides.

Femen Activist Goes Into Hiding

The Tunisian women’s rights activist who scandalized the Muslim world and became an overnight symbol of post-Arab Spring gender issues by publishing a photo of herself topless is reportedly in hiding after suffering abuse at the hands of her family. She is said to be preparing to leave Tunisia and go into exile in France.

The Price of Refuge

One million refugees have fled Syria’s bloody conflict. But what awaits them across the border? This shocking report reveals the violence and sexual abuse endured by the women running from the bloodshed.

“He’d want to touch you, grab you, kiss you before he’d give you the box,” Hoda says, describing how those distributing Red Cross refugee aid in Lebanon seek sexual favors from her in return. The men are influential, so she feels that if she complains or reports the abuse she’ll be denied further aid. In fact women without male protection are so vulnerable that many jump into quick marriages out of fear.

Topless Jihad Launched

Amina Tyler, a Tunisian activist, has inspired the Ukrainian feminist group, FEMEN, to jump-start a new Arab Spring for women’s rights. Tyler caused controversy after posting photos of feminist slogans written across her naked chest, hoping to raise awareness of the deteriorating situation of women’s rights in the Middle East. A Muslim preacher demanded the teenager be stoned, calling her an “epidemic.” Because of Tyler’s demonstration, FEMEN has declared April 4 a day of “relentless topless jihad against Islamism.”


Egypt’s Reign of Political Rapes

A wave of sexual assaults in Cairo has led critics of the Morsi regime to charge that Egyptian Islamists are using rape as a tool to silence political dissent. Many of the victims of the attacks have been women protesting for equal rights. Criticism of the regime has intensified since reports emerged of 25 rapes taking place in Tahrir Square.

Meanwhile, Russia Today captured some disturbing video footage of Cairo police stripping a protester and dragging him through the streets to an awaiting van. Two weeks in, the protests do not appear to be abating but growing more frequent and violent.

What a Feminist Looks Like

Hollywood harpies Ashley Judd and Lena Dunham would have you believe that all women are victims battered and exploited by a crushing macho society. Chicks on the Right believes feminism needs a makeover.  True courage is epitomized by Malala Yousafzai, not whiners like Sandra Fluke who want someone else paying for their birth control. H/T Moonbattery

The First Female President

The Democrats have played the Race Card. Now they’re intending to play the Sex Card by electing Hillary Clinton as the first female President in 2016. Alfonzo Rachel says Republicans should short-circuit the trumped-up War on Women by electing the first female President themselves. He makes his case in this ZoNation. H/T PJTV

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