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Breaking Bread with Capt. Kirk

Rhett’s run-in with William Shatner at a Los Angeles restaurant leads him to ponder the technology of the future in this episode of Good Mythical Morning.

Trillion Dollar Movie (7-20-12)

After Jaws made a huge splash in 1977, Hollywood rushed to release a slew of movies that copied Jaws‘ formula for success — deadly animals running amok and terrorizing entire towns. Today’s Trillion Dollar Movie was one of the first, and best, of these Jaws wannabes. Set in the parched deserts of Arizona,¬†Kingdom of the Spiders stars William Shatner, Tiffany Bolling and Woody Strode, but the real attraction: More than 5,000 live, creepy, crawling tarantulas unleashed to attack cows, dogs and humans by spider wrangler Jim Brockett.

Shatner portrays cowboy veterinarian Rack Hansen, working in concert with entomologist Diane Ashley (Bolling), to exterminate the threat posed by the super-venomous, eco-freak spiders. Shatner fits the role to a tee. He gets to ride a horse, lasso a lady and, in a hair-raising display of bravado, endure an eight-legged arachnid scampering on his cheeks. Bolling, the sexy blonde from the drive-in hit Candy Snatchers, demonstrates even more resolve.

The suspense builds to a fever-pitch as the story progresses, ending on a truly chilling note. This is a B-movie, but a well-made one, directed by John “Bud” Carlos, whose father ran Graumann’s Egyptian and Chinese theaters. Come back next Friday for another Trillion ($) Movie.

Intergalactic Feud

The Carrie Fisher-William Shatner feud reignited over the weekend when the two stars both appeared at Comic-Con in San Diego. They didn’t bump up against each other in the flesh, but Fisher told the world via Twitter, “I’m horrified to hear that intergalactic fraud Bill Shatner will also be at Comic Con,” while Shatner tweeted an unflattering photo of a “Fisher sighting” at Comic-Con, purporting to show a more rotund Fisher in her original Princess Leia bikini. Shatner touched off the rift last September when he dismissed Star Wars as being a Star Trek¬†clone. The comment prompted dueling YouTube videos by Fisher and Shatner, presented here to bring you up to speed on the contretemps.

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