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Supremes Playing With Fire

Wild Bill says the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to make blasphemy against God part of our national laws when it addresses the same-sex marriage issue. “The Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to medddle with God’s crystal-clear commandments on this issue, but that won’t stop them.” Check out the rest of Wild Bill’s clear-cut message.

Dirty Democrats Strike Again

It looks like the hapless Texas Democrat Party is up to its political antics again. On the surface, Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted for attempting to remove the head of the Public Integrity Unit (PIU). Turns out the PIU chief was booked for DWI and was aggressive and belligerent to arresting officers on top of that. But what the official media coverage is leaving out, is that the PIU head honcho was also guilty of failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. Wild Bill analyzes the ridiculous charges against Perry and how the Democrats have elevated breaking the law to an art form–much like their master in the White House.

Faith Under Attack

Wild Bill says faith is under attack in America. But he has a solution–Genesis, a major motion picture set for release later this year that is sure to jump-start your faith. “Nothing in the Bible has ever been proven wrong by science,” Wild Bill says. “If it had been proven wrong, the anti-God crowd would gladly allow a side-by-side comparison of creation versus evolution science. But as you all know, the anti-God side relies on lawsuits to keep the creation science from being heard at all.”

Time’s Up for Racism

Wild Bill dazzled a captive crowd at Gettysburg over the weekend at an event hosted by Harlem Mayor Dr. James David Manning. Wild Bill’s theme? Racial conciliation. Tune in as Wild Bill tells the crowd it’s time to finish racism in America.

Lucifer Liberals Strike

Government’s itch for total control of our freedom is playing out again. This time with homeschooling families.The United Nations recently adopted a process titled the “Badman Report” as the new standard for homeschooling. Says Wild Bill,”The Badman Rules require that every homeschooling family be investigated at least once a year by government agents.” Wild Bill emphatically states that this is not the answer.

Ugly is Coming

Wild Bill has sounded the alarm to yet another attack on our first amendment rights. “Government censorship is not the biggest threat to free speech,” he says. “Actually, militant extremists are the biggest threat.” Turns out these extremists are now tracking down every American who has ever signed a petition supporting traditional marriage, and are willing to confront them. In San Antonio, Mayor Julian Castro decreed that any person who has ever said or written anything opposing homosexuality is ineligible for city employment or contracts. What’s up with that? Not only is Castro violating the Constitution but is guilty of persecution against Christians. Check out the rest of Wild Bill’s take on the issue.

Tea Party’s Clout Waning

Tea Party advocate Wild Bill’s latest declaration is terse, yet blunt: The Tea Party has lost its effectiveness. Why? “We’ve become too predictable,” says Wild Bill. “And we have been far too polite to those who are wrecking our country.” Wild Bill’s solution to turn the tide? Tune in and find out.

Capt. Destruct-O Strikes Again

Joe Dan Gorman takes aim at Obamacare and the 20,000-page monstrosity that it is in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs. “Nobody knows what’s in it. You can’t follow a 20,000-page law, no way,” Gorman says. “Nobody knows what they’re doing.” The Obamacare masquerade has been nothing more than a shower of lies from Captain Destruct-O himself, as Joe Dan affectionately calls him. President Obama promised that if you have a health plan, Obamacare will lower your premiums (lie); if you don’t, you’ll get the same coverage as members of Congress (lie); employer premiums will fall by 3,000 percent (lie); you can keep your doctor or health care plan (lie). Says Joe Dan, “I’m telling you, this is snake oil, mixed with Red Bull, sprinkled with crack.” Check out the entire video, which features a guest appearance by Wild Bill for America and he scoop on the upcoming Trucker’s Strike.

Jackson-Sharpton Clown Show

Wild Bill and the Tea Party have thrown down the challenge against the race baiters. “The Jesse Jackson-Al Sharpton clown machine has been destroying the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. by preaching the exact opposite message,” Wild Bill says. “Instead of focusing on character, as Dr. King wanted, they work to turn everything into a skin-color issue.” He lays out his solution to the dilemma in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Flo’s Not Funny

Wild Bill exposes Progressive Insurance as one of America’s most rabidly liberal businesses, pushing anti-Christian causes and supporting groups that are undermining American values. Yes, Flo has some hilarious routines, but there’s really nothing funny about the biased company she’s helping to market.

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