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Tea Party’s Clout Waning

Tea Party advocate Wild Bill’s latest declaration is terse, yet blunt: The Tea Party has lost its effectiveness. Why? “We’ve become too predictable,” says Wild Bill. “And we have been far too polite to those who are wrecking our country.” Wild Bill’s solution to turn the tide? Tune in and find out.

Capt. Destruct-O Strikes Again

Joe Dan Gorman takes aim at Obamacare and the 20,000-page monstrosity that it is in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs. “Nobody knows what’s in it. You can’t follow a 20,000-page law, no way,” Gorman says. “Nobody knows what they’re doing.” The Obamacare masquerade has been nothing more than a shower of lies from Captain Destruct-O himself, as Joe Dan affectionately calls him. President Obama promised that if you have a health plan, Obamacare will lower your premiums (lie); if you don’t, you’ll get the same coverage as members of Congress (lie); employer premiums will fall by 3,000 percent (lie); you can keep your doctor or health care plan (lie). Says Joe Dan, “I’m telling you, this is snake oil, mixed with Red Bull, sprinkled with crack.” Check out the entire video, which features a guest appearance by Wild Bill for America and he scoop on the upcoming Trucker’s Strike.

Jackson-Sharpton Clown Show

Wild Bill and the Tea Party have thrown down the challenge against the race baiters. “The Jesse Jackson-Al Sharpton clown machine has been destroying the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. by preaching the exact opposite message,” Wild Bill says. “Instead of focusing on character, as Dr. King wanted, they work to turn everything into a skin-color issue.” He lays out his solution to the dilemma in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Flo’s Not Funny

Wild Bill exposes Progressive Insurance as one of America’s most rabidly liberal businesses, pushing anti-Christian causes and supporting groups that are undermining American values. Yes, Flo has some hilarious routines, but there’s really nothing funny about the biased company she’s helping to market.

Faith War USA

Atheists and leftists be warned, the Christians of America are here to stay. Wild Bill preaches for the faithful.

It’s Time for Action

Determined to take our country back, Wild Bill plans to set up teams of special patriot forces in all 50 states to stir up the liberal agenda. He says the teams will be comprised of real special forces professionals and everyday Americans willing to disrupt the enemies of freedom and expose the bad guys in their areas.

Martin Luther King’s Nightmare

Wild Bill believes Obama and the Democrats have ruined the dream of Martin Luther King.

Deadly Liberals

Who does the Secret Service need to watch closest? Wild Bill says to watch out for the radical Left.

Taming the Monster

Wild Bill says the federal government has grown into a Godzilla monster that is wrecking our nation. He has a plan to tame it, involving a state by state revolt against the income tax.

Confrontation 101

As one of the first Tea Party members, Wild Bill adheres to a policy of speaking the truth boldly and encouraging others to do so. The former Colorado law enforcement officer here discusses recent attempts to prevent patriots from staging a peaceful protest. Wild Bill’s message: Know your rights, and exercise them.

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