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Inmates, Dead On Welfare

Separate audits in Massachusetts and New Jersey show prisoners and people reported dead on the welfare rolls.

Gov. Christie’s Inner Democrat

Brace yourselves: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie warned that tax hikes are coming. Has Christie always been a closet Democrat or has Hurricane Sandy left him with little choice? Find out as Stephen Green brings you The Week In Blogs, including Obama’s plans to increase welfare spending, in addition to Rep. Paul Ryan’s warning to Obama. H/T PJTV

Welfare Reforms in Jeopardy

Mickey Kaus, columnist with The Daily Caller, takes a critical look at President Obama’s efforts to water down work requirements for welfare recipients. Kaus also examines the terrorist assault on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and speculates on how the attack might impact the 2012 election. Kaus shares his thoughts with Glenn Reynolds in a new installment of InstaVision. H/T PJTV

Food Stamps: Booming Business

This just in…”The number of Americans using food stamps has climbed to its highest level ever,” Jodi Miller reports. “But there is good news. At least the people who make food stamps are better off than they were four years ago.” Hear more on unemployment, corporate profits, jobless college graduates and actress Amanda Bynes’ DWI problems in the latest edition of NewsBusted.

I Want to Be a Crony

Why be a taxpayer when I can be a tax spender? H/T Zilla of the Resistance

Obama’s Next Bailout

This just in. Billionaire Warren Buffett has dropped from 3rd richest man in the world to 4th. What’s that mean? “Obama’s going to have to bail him out soon,” says Jodi Miller in her latest edition of NewsBusted. Watch her twice a week on

Welfare Balloons Under Obama

One-third of Americans now receive some form of welfare benefits from the federal government. That’s 100 million Americans, roughly double the number since President Obama took office in 2008. Dick Morris calls this an unsettling trend, one with dangerous repercussions if it’s not reversed.

The Dependency Agenda

Instead of ending poverty, the Great Society policies launched by President Lyndon B. Johnson backfired, causing poverty to become more pervasive and insidious. The reason: Johnson’s welfare programs weren’t designed to succeed, but rather to establish an entrenched entitlement system leading to greater dependence on the federal government for the benefit of a “parasitic political class.” Kevin D. Williamson outlines the arguments why this is so in his new broadsideĀ The Dependency Agenda, published by Encounter Books.

Losing the War on Poverty

President Obama is spending 42 percent more on welfare programs than President Bush, yet the number of Americans sliding into poverty keeps growing. Why? This Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation video suggests the problem lies with a flawed approach, emphasizing federal redistribution of wealth rather than free enterprise as the best means to tackle poverty. Of note: Poverty rates dropped steadily in the United States until the 1960s when the federal government became more proactively involved in the War of Poverty. The end result: A bigger government, but no discernible advances in eradicating poverty. Hadley Heath with the Independent Women’s Forum presents the CFPF case. H/T Powerline

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