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Obama Against Entrepreneurs

Have you heard the latest mind-blowing statistic about the Obama economy? There are now more Americans getting “food assistance” checks (101 million of them) than people working in the private sector (97 million). Who’s going to pay those bills, Mr. Obama?

Ghost of Columbia University

Wayne Allyn Root just returned from New York, where he attended his 30th Columbia University reunion. He celebrated with his esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama. As usual: Obama wasn’t there. Not even a video greeting. Not a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing. But worse, no one Root met at the reunion had ever met him. The President of the United States is the ghost of Columbia University.

Wisdom of My Butcher Father

Wayne Allyn Root’s father, David, was a blue-collar butcher. But Root says his father “was wise beyond his economic status in life. His wisdom of 40 years ago is still timely and points to the reasons for our economic crisis and decline today.”

If Bush Was the President

Imagine if George W. Bush was presiding over 89 million able-bodied, working-age Americans who were not working, what would the media be saying? The U6 unemployment rate (the government’s most accurate measurement of joblessness) now stands at 14.3%. Would the media quote the lower but far less accurate, and far more favorable rate of 7.7% and declare that “things are improving?” What if the Labor Force Participation Rate was the lowest for men since 1948 — when record-keeping first began? Would the media trumpet a “recovery?” Never in a million years.

Get Ready for Bank Runs

Bank runs and economic collapse have become commonplace in Europe, never mind the rosy words of politicians that the worst of the recession was over. Pundit Wayne Allyn Root of Personal Liberty Digest says those of us in North America shouldn’t gloat. What’s happening across Europe, he says, is a bellwether for what’s likely to follow in the United States, given the bloated spending and punitive, regulatory policies of the Obama Administration.

Romney to the Rescue

President Obama’s policies continue to drive our country into an economic abyss, and the city of Detroit is a microcosm for everything ailing our economy. In this edition of Personal Liberty, Wayne Allyn Root says that Mitt Romney, whose mediocre presidential campaign almost sank the Republican Party, can now save both–the GOP and Detroit.

Rand Paul, American Hero

Hugo Chavez just died, and many of us said “good riddance” to a tyrant who defrauded his own people, intimidated his political opposition and left his economy and country in disarray. Senator Rand Paul seemed to be reminding us: “Why would we want a tyrant in America, too?” ¬†Wayne Allyn Root from Personal Liberty Digest weighs in.

Obama’s State of Denial

“There are a lot of things you can change in life. But you can’t fix stupid,” so says Wayne Allyn Root of Personal Liberty Digest, reacting to President Obama’s State of the Union speech. “It was a `State of Denial,'” says Root. “It was denial mixed with delusion. It was a state of addiction to spending. It was a modern-day fairy tale- in the middle of a Great Depression.”

Are We a Banana Republic?

Libertarian-minded Wayne Allyn Root says that Barack Obama’s re-election, the events leading up to it and the way the media have treated Obama seem to indicate America has officially become a Banana Republic. You know, one of those places where leaders control the media and the election outcomes, too.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

It appears many GOP Congressmen are suddenly willing to raise taxes. What utter fools says pundit Wayne Allyn Root. As Forest Gump’s mother (played by Sally Field) said: “Stupid is as stupid does.” And this is world-class stupid.

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