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Why Do People Kill?

There are a lot of things that are still not fully understood about the species Homo sapiens. What makes us US? What makes us move the way we do, think the way we do, and kill the way we do? Today on SciShow News, Hank Green gives us a little bit of insight into human nature.

Kurds Form Syrian Stronghold

Kurdish fighters in Syria have captured a town on the border with Turkey following days of clashes with the jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra. The group had earlier announced they would be administering a region in the Northeast of Syria autonomously.

Is War Ever Justified?

Most wars seem to create costs that far outweigh their benefits, but is war ever justified? In this Learn Liberty debate, Prof. Bryan Caplan and Prof. Jan Ting disagree. Prof. Caplan argues that pacifism should be U.S. policy as the costs and benefits of war are too difficult to predict and innocent lives are almost certainly going to be lost. Prof. Ting argues that there are occasions in which war is necessary, such as against ideological or religious perspectives that cannot be reasoned with. He uses World War II as an example when U.S. military intervention did more good than harm.

Our Secret Involvement in Syria

Does the Obama Administration conduct any business in public? Apparently not. Now we learn that the US has been secretly involved in providing military training to the Syrian rebels since late 2012. The CIA has carried out the training in the use of anti-tank and antiaircraft weapons from clandestine bases in both Turkey and Jordan.

Fireball Over Damascus

Syrian state television has reported that a series of heavy explosions in the capital were caused by Israeli rocket strikes. SANA reports that the blasts early Sunday morning targeted a military research center on the outskirts of the capital. The research center in Jamraya was the target of an earlier Israeli strike in January.

Taliban Plans Spring Offensive

The Taliban in Afghanistan has vowed to begin a new campaign of mass suicide attacks on foreign military bases and diplomatic areas as part of a new spring offensive. A Taliban spokesman announced that militants will use ‘special tactics against invading foreign forces’ and will target the government in Kabul that the Taliban views as a puppet of the West.

US Dispatches Stealth Bombers

In response to saber-rattling by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the US sent B-2 stealth bombers for a “practice run” in South Korea.¬†Why is North Korea threatening missile strikes against U.S. cities like Austin, Texas? The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Bellini has The Short Answer.

North Korea Rattles Its Sabers

North Korea has elevated its artillery and strategic missile forces to “combat-ready posture” and said it is prepared to strike targets in South Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii and the continental United States.

Al-Qaeda’s Forward Base

France’s top defense official claims the terrorist group al-Qaeda stockpiled tons of weapons in Mali and planned to use the Central African country’s north as a base for international attacks.

Christians Driven from Syria

More than six thousand Christian Armenians from Syria have poured into Armenia in recent months, escaping the civil war back home. The Wall Street Journal‘s Joe Parkinson reports from Yerevan.

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