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Upsurge of Violence in Egypt

The VICE Podcast Show is a weekly discussion that delves inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people within the VICE universe. This week, Reihan Salam speaks with Michael Wahid Hanna, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation and leading expert on affairs in Egypt and the Middle East. Following the ousting of Morsi, Hanna traces the history and mission of Egypt’s key players in an attempt to shed some light on the new wave of violence and bloodshed erupting in the streets of Egypt.

Mexico’s Ballsy Female Scribes

Vice went to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to meet the journalists who cover politics and crime for the Diario de Juarez. All of them are women and they have covered more crimes than anyone we can think of. They are also some of the bravest women we’ve ever met. We followed them around the city as they covered political rallies of the ruling party, PAN, and to crime scenes, to try to understand what happened there over the past few years and why the candidates were not fully addressing the most glaring issue in Mexican politics right now.

Have Bully Baiters Gone Too Far

“I’m not saying they shouldn’t have consequences but these laws often reach down to a child of age six, five. I mean it’s incredible,” says Susan Porter, author of Bully Nation: Why America’s Approach to Childhood Aggression is Bad for Everyone.

Porter sat down with ReasonTV’s Tracy Oppenheimer to discuss the anti-bully movement and how laws, labeling and the media are only agitating the problem. She says that kids are actually suffering because of these anti-bully efforts.

“They are becoming less resilient,” says Porter, “if you’re now a victim, and you think of yourself as a victim, you are much more apt to get victimized.”

Dumb Congressional Hearings

As Congress gets worked up into a stupor over gun control, one thing’s certain: We can expect some unbelievably dumb congressional hearings to follow. Already Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb) have proposed yet another study on violent video games. In anticipation of the scare-mongering and grandstanding to come, Reason.TV presents a greatest hits parade — a half dozen of the dumbest all-time Congressional hearings, focusing on sex, violence and Satan.


Death by Boobs

A Washington man suffered death by suffocation after his drunken romantic partner smothered his face within her massive mammaries. She now faces manslaughter charges, and the Feds now face a quandary: After coming for our guns, will they next seek to ban D-cup breasts? And will Bill Clinton head the commission that examines the proposition?

Stop Exploiting Our Children

If the Obama administration wanted to protect our schools, the solution would be simple: Station armed police officers or security guards at the schools. But the administration really isn’t interested in protecting schools or children so much as exploiting them so it can implement sweeping gun control measures. Pundit Dick Morris explains the politics.

5 Facts about Guns and Violence

In the wake of the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Obama has said that restricting access to guns will be one of his highest priorities. But as Reason TV underscores, the new push for gun controls disregards many salient facts. To wit:

1. Violent crime has plummeted drastically over the last 20 years.
2. Mass killings peaked in 1929.
3. Schools are getting safer.
4. More guns are in circulation than ever before.
5. Assault weapons bans are generally ineffective.

Of course, the facts might all be stacked one way, but how many politicians can resist a power grab when the opportunity arises?

Ice Capades in Turkey

A hockey match turns into a no-holds-barred melee in Erzurum, Turkey. Alongside these young Turks, the NHL players are just pussycats. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Growing Sunni Unrest in Iraq

Iraq’s Sunni minority, who controlled the country before the US invasion, are once again flexing their muscles seeking a greater share of political power.¬†Gunfire has wounded at least two people at a demonstration in Iraq’s Sunni-dominated western province of Anbar. Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq traveled to the region in an attempt to defuse sectarian tensions.

Jihad Spreading in Russia

Gunmen have shot dead an Islamic cleric in the Russian republic of North Ossetia in an attack that suggests militant Islamist violence in Russia’s southern Muslim provinces is spreading to nearby regions.

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