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Sizzling in the Kitchen

Something’s definitely cooking in this Thump video titled “The Greatest Baking Show on Earth” on Vice. It’s difficult to decipher what exactly is cooking, but who cares when the chef is a sexy, scantily clad lass with more moves than a kitchen blender. Follow the recipe closely.

Love is Dwindling in Japan

The once explosive population of post-World War II Japan has made a shocking about-face. The Land of the Rising today owns the fastest negative population growth in the world. Japan is home to most people over the age of 65 and the least under the age of 15 than any country on the planet. The problem: Baby-making has come to a standstill! Instead, the Japanese have turned to other pleasures, such as cuddle cafes, host parties and sexual fetishes. Investigative journalist Ryan Duffy journeyed to Tokyo to dig out the details in this disturbing trend of this edition of “Vice.”

Mexico City’s Subway Gangs

It’s Saturday morning in a Mexico City subway station, and the members of the Panamiur gang are headed to a party. Their leader, Cidel, is wearing huge sunglasses, a fauxhawk slathered in hair gel, cargo pants, and a T-shirt with a giant 2 and 6 airbrushed across it—a reference to November 26, 2010, the date the Panamiurs were founded. Vice reports.

Blood Sacrifice in Indonesia

Sumba is an island the size of Jamaica in the Indonesian archipelago that has been cut off from the rest of the world for so long that its ancient animistic traditions survive to this day. It is the setting for ritual battles called Pasola that take place every year in February and March. The Pasola is a fight between rival clans who hurl spears at each other on horseback to “fertilize” the soil with spilled human blood. VICE reports.


A Day with a Russian Billionaire

To see how the .00001% lives, Vice met up with infamous Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenko and spent quality time hog-hunting and helicopter-joyriding at his private estate outside Moscow.

Mexico’s Ballsy Female Scribes

Vice went to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to meet the journalists who cover politics and crime for the Diario de Juarez. All of them are women and they have covered more crimes than anyone we can think of. They are also some of the bravest women we’ve ever met. We followed them around the city as they covered political rallies of the ruling party, PAN, and to crime scenes, to try to understand what happened there over the past few years and why the candidates were not fully addressing the most glaring issue in Mexican politics right now.

The Magic Wand Scheme

Vice went to Westchester, New York, to learn about the Amega Wand and people who believe a wave of this stainless-steel tube full of “granulated minerals” has the power to cure aches and pains, make cheap wine taste better, and generally increase the quality of just about every aspect of their lives. Is it a miracle invention or a giant scam? We’ll let you decide.

Transylvania’s Plum Liquor

VICE correspondent Jordan Redaelli heads to a tiny Romanian village in the foothills of the Carpathians to hang out with the Cazan family, master brewers of a fiery tequila-like drink called palinka. There he samples the 70-proof hooch, visits a Gypsy disco, and attempts to mix up a palinka based punch for an impromptu post-church party, Romanian-style.

Firewater and Female Wrestlers

In La Paz, Bolivia, Vice correspondent Jordan Redaelli meets a pair of female wrestlers (Cholitas) who like to beat each other up for the fun of it. He’s also introduced to the world’s strongest alcohol, the 96% Caiman liquor – or ‘firewater’ as it’s known to the locals. After the big grudge match Jordan attempts to make a drinkable cocktail out of the potent brew, hoping it’ll restore some peace between the fiery combatants in the process.

The Natural Aphrodisiac

VICE correspondent Jordan Redaelli travels to Freetown, Sierra Leone, to learn about an indigenous drink called poyo. Poyo is said to hold mystical properties, bestowing money, power and fierce erections to those who drink it. Later, Redaelli hits the beach to mix up a poyo-infused cocktail.

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