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Public Unions Vs. the Public

Cities and states are sinking under the burden of debt brought about by public service union contracts. How did it get this way and what can be done about it? Philip Howard, founder of Common Good, has answers.

Teachers’ Unions Hurt Schools

Everyone wants to improve our public schools. So what’s standing in the way? Stanford Political Science Professor Terry Moe identifies teachers’ unions as one of the biggest obstacles to reform. H/T Prager University

Argentina Descends into Chaos

Rocked by high unemployment, double-digit inflation and a shrinking economy, Argentina is now teetering on the brink of mass unrest, as waves of looting are occurring around the nation. This follows the largest union strike of the past five years that effectively closed down Buenos Aires for a 24-hour period. Opposition has grown to the rule of Cristina Kirchner as the government has been unable to control the crime or straighten out the economic mess. H/T Moonbattery



Fist Pumping in Michigan

This just in…During protests in Michigan last week, a pro-union protester punched Fox News contributor Steven Crowder in the mouth. “But as the liberal media reported it, conservative Steven Crowder hit a union worker in the fist with his face,” says Jodi Miller. She also opines about Hugo Chavez, the Mayan calendar and Quentin Tarantino’s new film Django Unchained in this edition of NewsBusted.


Democrats Love Violence

Democrats love to portray themselves as the party of peace, but are the first to use violence to advance their political agenda. See the footage that proves it as Zo talks about the union thugs who beat up Fox News contributor Steven Crowder over Michigan’s right-to-work legislation in this ZoNation. H/T PJTV

The Education Machine

Did you know that we are spending more money on education than ever, but we’re not seeing better results for our children? That’s because the money going to schools isn’t designed to improve grades or test scores, but instead to fuel a well-greased, perpetual-motion machine involving teachers, their unions and the politicians they support.

Reason.TV breaks down how the Machine works, and how it robs parents of their tax dollars, while simultaneously depriving students of a brighter future.  Evan Coyne Maloney wrote and narrated this piece, produced by Reason in cooperation with the Moving Picture Institute (

Urban Ghost Towns

What happens to cities when they become overly dependent on one industry to survive, and that industry falls victim to increasing foreign competition and unsustainable union demands? Here are portraits of two Midwest cities — Detroit, Michigan, and Gary, Indiana — that once were teeming metropolises but now are struggling to fend off urban blight and decay. Detroit is seen through the prism of Burn, a new documentary that showcases firefighters dealing with an explosion of arson in the Motor City. The report on Gary is from RT, a Russian TV network with worldwide bureaus, including some here in the United States.  H/T Moonbattery and Riehl World View

Union Ruse Exposed

When Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty barnstormed Ohio in support of Mitt Romney, a fight broke out at their July 5 rally in Parma. Turns out the confrontation was entirely staged, lifting a page right out of the Nazi playbook. Heckler Al Neal, who claimed to be from Canton, Ohio, and working with a group called Fight for Fair Economy Ohio, actually was a union organizer from Arizona. Adding to the subterfuge, the irritated “Romney backer” who tried to shut up Neal was 77-year-old Richard Brysacz, a registered Democrat from Parma. Look for the Democrats to ramp up their dirty tricks this election. They’re desperate, and they’ve got a far-left agitator occupying the White House, so it’s hardly surprising that they have summoned the Goon Squad. H/T Breitbart

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