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Obummer For Obama

Jodi Miller reports that more than 7 million people enrolled in Obamacare in the last six months. “Of course, President Obama was excited to share this news until he learned that most of the new enrollees are Chicago voters,” she says. Also featured in this edition of NewsBusted are Ted Cruz, U.S. unemployment, Fort Hood shooting and David Letterman.

If Bush Was the President

Imagine if George W. Bush was presiding over 89 million able-bodied, working-age Americans who were not working, what would the media be saying? The U6 unemployment rate (the government’s most accurate measurement of joblessness) now stands at 14.3%. Would the media quote the lower but far less accurate, and far more favorable rate of 7.7% and declare that “things are improving?” What if the Labor Force Participation Rate was the lowest for men since 1948 — when record-keeping first began? Would the media trumpet a “recovery?” Never in a million years.

More of the Same Old…Stuff

President Obama’s inaugural speech Monday makes clear. He won’t be addressing the nation’s unemployment problems or attempting to corral runaway entitlements in his second term. Instead we can expect him to continue to focus on fringe issues that appeal to distinct elements of the Democratic Party’s base — immigration, for instance, and gay marriage. Republican strategist Karl Rove analyzes the President’s speech for the Wall Street Journal.

Unemployment Rising Again

Let’s get started…America’s unemployment went up to 7.8 percent last month. “Which can only mean one thing,” says ┬áJodi Miller. “The election’s over.” In this episode of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on a New Hampshire lawmaker who wants to ban conservatives and growing evidence that fracking is environmentally safe, never mind the protestations of Matt Damon and the usual assortment of leftist Hollywood dingbats.

Argentina Descends into Chaos

Rocked by high unemployment, double-digit inflation and a shrinking economy, Argentina is now teetering on the brink of mass unrest, as waves of looting are occurring around the nation. This follows the largest union strike of the past five years that effectively closed down Buenos Aires for a 24-hour period. Opposition has grown to the rule of Cristina Kirchner as the government has been unable to control the crime or straighten out the economic mess. H/T Moonbattery



Fed Tamps Down Interest Rates

This just in…The Federal Reserve announced it will keep interest rates low until America’s unemployment rate falls below 6.5 percent. “So, in other words, the Fed will keep interest rates low until after Obama’s presidency,” says Jodi Miller. She also touches on former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s conversion as a Democrat and a woman busted for her breast implants in this edition of NewsBusted.

Urban Greeks Go Back to Farm

Panagiotios Triantafyllopoulos was a graphic designer in Athens. But now, the 54-year-old is literally back where he started, living with his elderly mother in the house where he grew up. The Wall Street Journal‘s Gordon Fairclough reports from Aristomenis, Greece.

Clint Talking to Barstool

This just in…Mitt Romney’s supporters are now depressed following his election defeat last week. “In fact, Clint Eastwood has now spent a lot of time talking to an empty barstool,” says Jodi Miller. She also discusses Gen. David Petraeus’ affair, California’s tax hikes and Boeing’s layoffs in this edition of NewsBusted.

The Iranian Coverup

President Obama covered up an attack by Iranian jets on a US drone missile on November 1 and didn’t tell us until after election day. Added to the Benghazi coverup and the cooking of the books to make unemployment ┬ánumbers appear less onerous, the Administration engaged in shady deceit to win a razor-thin victory. Pundit Dick Morris calls for Congressional probes.

Unemployment Downplayed

This just in…The unemployment rate has increased to 7.9 percent. That’s a higher rate than when President Obama first took office. “The Liberal media would have reported it, but they stashed it with the Fast and Furious and Benghazi files,” says Jodi Miller. She also touches on Hurricane Sandy, unwed mothers, the Los Angeles Lakers and Yoko Ono in this edition of NewsBusted.

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