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King of the Twinkie Wannabes

Now that the beloved Twinkie has disappeared off the shelves, the New York Post weighs the alternates and rates five different Twinkie wannabes. Find out which one of the five comes closest to matching the taste and texture of the late, lamented Twinkie.

A World Without Twinkies

Fafa shares his five-stage guide for how to survive in a world without Twinkies after Mario reveals the depth of his Hostess addiction in this Glove & Boots.

Liberals Destroy More Jobs

Kudos to liberals. They’ve taken down another US corporation, and relegated the iconic Twinkie to the dustbin of history. Now, they are pushing wildcat strikes at Wal-Mart on Black Market — the biggest shopping day of the year. Alfonzo Rachel says Liberals won’t rest until the American economy is totally destroyed. But he wonders, in this ZoNation, why they value laziness and poverty over hard work and success. H/T PJTV

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