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Obama’s ISIS Fantasy

“President Obama told GQ magazine that he fantasizes about owning an NBA team,” Jodi Miller reports. “Another of Obama’s fantasies involves him having a successful ISIS strategy.” Miller gets after millennials, journalist party affiliation, John Kerry, TSA, “Days of Our Lives” and Syrian refugees in this edition of NewsBusted.

Forbes: Putin Most Powerful

Forbes magazine has ranked Russian president Vladimir Putin the world’s most powerful person. President Obama came in second,” Jodi Miller reports. “But it’s really not fair, because in Russia being president is a fulltime job.” Miller also features illegal border crossers, TSA, Kim Kardashian, Willie Nelson and Bruce Jenner in this edition of NewsBusted.

Chewbacca Survives TSA

Peter Mayhew, the 7-foot tall actor who played Chewbacca in the original Star Wars films, as well as Revenge of the Sith, was stopped by airport security in Denver for carrying a cane that looks like a lightsaber. The TSA claimed that the weight of the large cane concerned guards, but that 69-year-old was allowed to leave with it in hand after five minutes.

When the TSA Gets Your Stuff

What happens to all the illegal carry-on items confiscated at airports by Transportation Security Administration agents? Much of it lands in a Pennsylvania warehouse, where you can buy all of it — spears, knives, bowling pins, water pistols, you name it. You can even buy back your own gear.

I Saw Daddy Pat Down Santa

What happens when the holiday season’s most frequent flier meets the TSA?

TSA On Boob Alert

News that TSA agents at Los Angeles International Airport exposed the breasts of a 17-year-old girl — the grandniece of a US Congressman — brought to mind this comedy routine. It’s not only funny, but also painfully true. Charged with identifying potential terrorists and preventing them from boarding American planes, the TSA does seem to be targeting one particular profile of terrorists: Young, hot babes with big hooters. Seeing as how Al Qaeda has so many sexy, come-hither lookers among its stable of bombers, presumably TSA is doing a bang-up job. Over and out.

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