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Feds Vs. the Chinatown Bus

The long-distance busing industry was originally dominated by small scrappy companies competing fiercely to win over customers, only to become a government-protected cartel with declining ridership and all the competitive spirit of Ma Bell. A half-century later, busing returned to its glorious origins, but today it’s in danger becoming a ward of the state once more.

Jetpack Rocket Science

Jetpacking works on the same principle as a rocket (Newton’s 3rd law) but unlike the shuttle, you don’t carry your own propellant with you.

Protectionism Hurts Hawaii

Reason TV sat down with Ken Schoolland to talk about the Jones Act, federal legislation that restricts non-US shipping vessels from engaging in commerce in domestic shipping lanes. Schoolland argues that this protectionist measure is crippling the Hawaiian economy. He is a professor of economics at Hawaii Pacific University and scholar at the Grassroot Institute.

Check the Carfax

Hidden cameras reveal the Car Fox may give you a false sense of security.

When the TSA Gets Your Stuff

What happens to all the illegal carry-on items confiscated at airports by Transportation Security Administration agents? Much of it lands in a Pennsylvania warehouse, where you can buy all of it — spears, knives, bowling pins, water pistols, you name it. You can even buy back your own gear.

Driving in a Free Society

Yaron Brook from the Ayn Rand Institute answers a question form Ronnie, “How would a free society deal with the absence of car licenses and car age restrictions?”

Federal Waste Slows Transport

How can we improve the American transportation system and build infrastructure during the age of sequester? Robert W. Poole, the Reason Foundation’s director of transportation policy, says privatization is the answer to increasing efficiency and allowing the sector to grow. He cited several areas where federal dollars are being wasted, including airports, air traffic control, highways, urban transit, ports and inland waterways.

“We have a lot of distorted investment in infrastructure, which is exactly what we don’t need,” says Poole. “We need to put it all to the highest and best use.”

Pilots Must Pass Body Odor Test

As a part of its interview process for potential pilots, Hainan Airlines in China has inspectors sniff under the candidates’ armpits for body odor. Those that stink are rejected on grounds that they might not be able to properly handle stress and also could turn off passengers. H/T Geobeats

Who’s Behind the Wheel?

Dan Neil, automotive columnist for the Wall Street Journal, reports on the latest technological breakthroughs paving the way toward driverless cars. Neil says the advent of these vehicles will quadruple the carrying capacity of our existing network of roads and highways. Autopiloted vehicles also could mean less loss due to automobile accidents, which now cost Americans $300 billion annually.

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