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Transgender Queen Now Monk

The winner of Thailand’s 2009 “Miss Tiffany” transgender beauty contest, Sorrawee Nattee, has removed her breast implants and decided to enter the Buddhist monkhood with a plan to stay there for the rest of his life.

Tempo Giusto

Slow down. Relax. Take a breather. You might be wasting some time, but also prolonging your life. Chanya Hetayothin created this clever animated PSA based on Carl Honore’s book In Praise of Slowness. Originally from Thailand, Hetayothin studied at UCLA’s Animation Workshop, and now is a postdoctoral research student at the University of the Arts in London. Visit her website at

Teachers Targeted in Thailand

Running a daily school is a dangerous business in southern Thailand. More than 150 teachers have been slain in the region, where ethnic tensions often boil over into bloody violence. The threat has escalated in recent months, as Britain’s Channel 4 News reports.

Keep Your Skirt On

President Obama woos Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in this humorous account of his state visit from Next Media Animation.

Taming the Tigers

Thailand’s Tiger Temple, near the western border with Myanmar, is not only a Buddhist temple but also an animal sanctuary housing more than 100 tigers, some born at the compound, others taken there as cubs after poachers killed their mothers. Thousands of tourists annually now visit the temple, some paying royal sums to feed the cubs or have their pictures taken with the big cats. While the attraction is quite popular, several international conservation groups have challenged the temple’s practices and philosophies, claiming it violates animal humane standards. SBS Dateline’s David O’Shea reports from Thailand.

Playtime with the Tigers

The tigers get a little game play and stimulation on an otherwise hot and slow day at a zoo in Thailand. Surprised the big cats only swatted the joysticks and none of the humans. H/T iOwntheWorld

Gangnam Parodies Abound

They’ve sprouted up like dandelions all around the world. Psy’s K-Pop hit “Gangnam Style” has spawned more parodies than any other song this year, perhaps all decade. On YouTube, you won’t find three or four parodies, or even a dozen, but several hundred of them from all across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Americas and even from Oman. We can’t, and wouldn’t want, to present them all — some are sweet, but best left for friends and families to view. Here are eight that merit viral attention.

First, from Korea, comes “Hongdae Style.” Just as Psy sings of Gangnam, Seoul’s most upscale shopping district, this parody celebrates another neighborhood of the Korean city, the Hongdae district, full of nightclubs and restaurants that cater to college students and younger Koreans.

Also from Korea, “Byuntae Style.” Byuntae is not a place, but a slang term for a pervert.

From Thailand, a parody called “กำนันสไตล์,” which I’m afraid I can’t begin to translate. But the love interest in the red, white and blue USA hot pants needs no translation.

From Italy, “High on Gangnam Style.”

Some animated horseplay — “Pony Gangnam Style.”

Here, the University of Oregon Duck leads the Oregon Cheer, Sluggo and Bigfoot in their own Gangnam parody.

And, finally, even the Norwegians cut loose with “Norway Style.”

World of Beers XV

On tap tonight: Singha Light, Thailand.

This beer promises to lift your spirits.

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