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Groucho, Dino and Raquel

Groucho Marx, Dean Martin and Raquel Welch meet on the inaugural season of TV’s THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE in 1964. By and large, television ever since has been pablum — a nice bowl of cream of wheat.


English Invasion of Japan

An elderly man in Japan has had enough. He’s suing a Japanese TV station, claiming its overuse of the English language is causing him mental distress and leading to a dilution of traditional Japanese culture.


Full Frontal TV

Naked women are going on Danish TV to be assessed by men, but is the Blachman show sexist rubbish or thoughtful debate? Please be warned that this video contains full-frontal nudity. H/T SBS Dateline Australia

Real-Life Boob Tube

Here’s something you would probably never see on an American talk show. During a segment on breastfeeding during a Dutch TV show, host Paul de Leeuw decided to try some of the milk himself, by sucking it directly from one of his guest’s breasts. He then sampled the milk from her other breast.

Why You Can’t Find a Job

Are you a college graduate fed up with the uncertainty and stress of the job hunt? Have you been sitting in Starbucks for days, sipping lattes and hopelessly sending out job application after job application? You’re certainly not alone. There are 11.7 million unemployed people struggling to find a job in America. Prof. Carrie Kerekes presents three reasons finding a job in today’s market is so difficult: a mismatch of skills, government regulations and uncertainty in the market.


Batman Window Cameos

A compilation of all 14 window cameos from the 1960s ABC TV series Batman. Almost 50 years later, some of these folks are still remembered today. Others have returned to the ranks of ordinary, forgotten citizenry.

Is Pop Culture the Plague?

“American popular culture not only celebrates freedom, it is also itself an example of American freedom at its best and most vibrant,” writes Paul Cantor in his new book The Invisible Hand and Popular Culture: Liberty vs. Authority in American Film and TV.

Even before politicians and elite cultural critics decried the boob tube as a “vast wasteland,” they were attacking other forms of popular entertainment — novels, movies, comic books, and more — as simultaneously soporific and dangerous, either lulling the masses into quietism or sparking bad behaviors. But Paul Cantor, a professor of English at the University of Virginia, argues that such criticisms get everything wrong. H/.T Reason TV

Forecaster Flashes Hemispheres

A South Korean weather woman gave a special show to her audience after a wardrobe malfunction. Her “hemispheres” went on display on national TV while forecasting the weather.

The Bread to Give You Bounce

Dragging tail? Feeling down? Low on energy?

Then wise up and eat a slice of Sunbeam Bread. You’ll be bouncing around like a toad. After all: Everybody needs Energy-Packed Sunbeam Bread.

Cathy’s House

If you thought US television programming has been getting weirder these days, watch this episode of “Cathy’s House,” a recurring segment on the Japanese variety show Vermilion Pleasure Night. This is what might happen if four Barbie Dolls sprang to life and were given a fashion show to host. H/T Pleated Jeans

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