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Raiding Your Brain

Because our brain is an electrical device, it can be interfaced with other electrical devices. So, with all the advances in technology, is it possible to hack your brain? Combining an ear implant with laser light, scientists agree the prospect of controlling the brain is possible. Check out this latest version of AsapSCIENCE for more details.

Beware the RoboRoaches!

Scientists have figured out a way to actually control a live cockroach. This sort of “brain tapping” into an autonomous animal has triggered a huge ethical debate, leading D News to ask: Are we going too far?

The 3-D Future of Opera

Cloud Atlas writer David Mitchell has written an opera that uses the latest in technology to appeal to a new set of fans. An opera staged at The Barbican in London and written by author David Mitchell is using 3D technology to give audiences a multi-layered experience.

Technology: The Tsunami Ahead

Advances in technology are accelerating so rapidly that few of us can keep up, and certainly not colloquial governments or legal systems or educational institutions grounded on premises honed a century or so ago. “All of the structures that we use to run the world today— our civics, our politics, our legal systems, healthcare, education— are all structured for a world 100 or 200 years ago, not for the world of today. So we think we’re in for a lot of disruption,” says Salim Ismail, founding director of Singularity University.

He talks with Reason.TV’s Tracy Oppenheimer about the pitfalls lying ahead, while also discussing such new promises and innovations as crowd funding, the next steps in technological expansion and how we’ve entered an information-based age.


The Stay-Clean Shirt

A new clothing company has created a shirt that can be worn 100 times without washing. Lee Newton reports for SourceFed.

Conservatives: Embrace Science

Let the liberals be Luddites. Let Democrats be the Chicken Little, sky-is-falling party. Joshua Jacobs, co-founder of the Conservative Future Project, is reaching out to Republicans, urging them to embrace an open-ended future filled with driverless cars, stem-cell research and private space exploration.

If that sounds like a tall order for a party whose leading presidential candidates in 2012 waffled on whether they believed in evolution, you’re right. But Jacobs argues forcefully that the GOP is no less anti-science than the Democrats and actually has a long history of pushing scientific and technological innovation.

Nick Gillespie sat down with Jacobs in Reason’s D.C. studio to talk about how conservatives might stop standing athwart history yelling stop and march boldly into the future.

Ride the Time Machine

Iranian media reports a 27-year-old inventor says he built a machine that “brings the future to you,” prompting teasing from tech writers.

Cell Phone Celebrates 40

It was 40 years ago that the first cell phone was invented, and they’re getting sleeker all the time — no cellulite. The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Bellini gives The Short Answer to these burning questions — Who made the first cell phone call and to whom? When did the phones start getting more trim and smart?

Will Innovation Be Our Doom?

Will there come a time when technology becomes so smart that it will alter human civilization? Can we survive what Smith College Professor James D. Miller calls the singularity? Find out why this is not science fiction, on this InstaVision with Glenn Reynolds. His interview guest, Dr. Miller, is the author of a new book called Singularity Rising. H/T PJTV

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