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California’s Lost Promise

California is at a tipping point. Severe budget deficits, unsustainable pension costs, heavy taxes, cumbersome regulation, struggling cities, and distressed public schools are but a few of the challenges that policymakers must address for the state to remain a beacon of business innovation and economic opportunity. In this video, the cracks in California’s flawed policy plans are displayed and analyzed by a diverse set of experts.

Government Steals from Zo

AlfonZo Rachel tells you the story about how the California Tax Board burgled his bank account. Hear the details as Zo compares theft to the current U.S. system of taxation. H/T PJTV

Abolish the 16th Amendment

Exactly a century ago, in 1913, Congress enacted the Sixteenth Amendment permitting the federal government to impose and collect income taxes. AlfonZo Rachel believes the developing scandal within the Obama IRS suggests it’s time to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, abolish the IRS and find other more equitable means to fund the government. H/T PJTV


Religion and Da Bombers

MSNBC and other liberal outfits now acknowledge that the Boston bombers were motivated by religion. “Of course,” says Jodi Miller, “they’re still not saying which religion.” In this edition of NewsBusted, she also touches on the US tax code, tycoon Warren Buffett and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Tax Reform

Pundit Dick Morris says a deal could be in the works and Congress might get together to cut tax rates and limit deductions.

Tax Freedom Day

April 18 of last week was Tax Freedom Day, the day in which Americans are done paying their taxes for the year. “Or, as Democrats call it, Black Thursday,” say Jodi Miller. In this edition of NewsBusted, she also touches upon Michelle Obama’s anti-gun talks, the morning after pill and Marco Rubio’s new immigration bill.

Down with Internet Taxes

Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Max Baucus (D-MT) explain why the Internet sales tax bill, known as the Marketplace Fairness Act, is bad for America.

Christmas in April

Monday was Tax Day. “Or as Democrats call it — Christmas in April,” says Jodi Miller. In this edition of NewsBusted, she also touches on Margaret Thatcher’s death, the Boston Marathon bombings and Vladimir Putin’s confrontation with topless Femen protesters in Germany.

The IRS’ E-Mail Snoops

Reacting to reports of the IRS reading taxpayers’ e-mails without first obtaining a court warrant granting permission to do so, pundit Charles Krauthammer observes, “You’d think that you’re living in Pyongyang.”

Does Your Refund Measure Up?

How much is the average tax refund? How does your own gross adjusted income compare to that of other taxpayers? The Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Bellini mined IRS data for intriguing facts about U.S. taxes.

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