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Mercedes, Welfare Don’t Mix

This is the story of a woman and her family who went from affluence to living off the public dole. Darlene Acuna went from a television producer to a stay-at-home mom nursing twin girls before the family hit hard times and were forced to the welfare line. Now she and her unemployed husband pick up their food stamps in a Mercedes, she feels that she’s being judged and wants the world to treat her better. “Everyone has peaks and valleys in their lives,” says John Phillips of PJTV. “Sometimes you have good years, sometimes you have bad years. When you have newborn kids and you’re in a situation where someone’s else’s existence is dependent on you bringing home the bacon, you make whatever sacrifices you have to make to make that work.” Phillips and a panel composed of radio TV host Tammy Bruce, stand-up comic and PJTV contributor Stephen Kruiser and PJTV contributor Scott Ott sat down for a lively debate on the situation in this edition of  “After Hours.”

Freedom of Speech in Peril

In the first of a three-part series, PJ Media’s “Trifecta” gang takes a look at the assault on the first amendment. Hosts Bill Whittle Tammy Bruce and Steve Green discuss what the Obama Administration has planned for our right to speak, worship and assemble freely.

Do Negative Campaigns Work?

With election season now in full swing, the PJ Media “Trifecta” crew takes a look at how candidates assemble their campaigns. Specifically, do negative campaigns work in what has become the accepted world of dirty politics? Check out what Bill Whittle, Steve Green and guest host Tammy Bruce have to say.

What the Media Blacked Out

Tammy Bruce and Stephen Kruiser take a look at how the media ignored Chicago’s astronomical murder rates and violent gang warfare in 2012, and wonder whether the press is trying to protect President Obama by declining to underscore the street carnage on his own home turf. H/T PJTV

What We Learned in 2012

Conservative pundits Tammy Bruce and Stephen Kruiser reflects on the major lessons learned from the 2012 election defeat, namely, that the Republicans need to step up their ground game and not take anything for granted given the volatile electorate and country’s changing demographics. H/T PJTV



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