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Taiwan Legislators Brawl

If you thought American politics have become overheated, check out the action in Taiwan, where lawmakers exchanged punches and threw water at each other ahead of an expected vote authorizing a referendum on whether to go ahead with the construction of a fourth power plant. The fracas pitted the pro-referendum forces of President Ma Ying-jeou’s ruling Nationalist Party against strongly anti-nuclear forces affiliated with the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Three Condoms, or No Go

The wife of a sex-starved man in New Taipei City, Taiwan had a baby last year, and lost interest in having sex. Reluctant to engage in intercourse or have another child, she told her husband to wear three condoms — an edict leading to a lawsuit between them over their sexual complaints.


Taiwan State of Mind

A fresh new music video from the producers at Next Media Animation, aka The Taiwanese Animators, featuring resident hottie Carol. In this parody of Jay-Z and Alicia Key’s Empire State of Mind, we show off everything we love about Taiwan.

Donut Wars

Carol and Bridget battle over the last donut! Extraordinary female colleagues exposed as ultimate killing machines in this video from Taiwan’s Next Media Animation.

No Robots

This short animation conjures up a futuristic society in which robots are banned. Stores deny service to robots and humans demonstrate against them on the streets. But the robots find ways to survive on the fringes of society, including one pesky little robot that’s adept at shoplifting. The 2011 work is a collaboration by two students from San Jose State University in California — Kimberly Knoll, an American, and YungHan Chang, originally from Taiwan.

Babes of Burlesque: 56


We’re nearing the home stretch in our countdown of the most talented and luscious babes of burlesque. Only four more dancers remain before we’ll be moving on and introducing a new series.

Today’s babe, Shanghai Pearl, bills herself as “The Tantalizing Temptress from Taipei” and also as “The Princess of Pulchritude.” Now a performer and instructor based out of Seattle, Shanghai Pearl is celebrated for her wild costumes and bawdy humor, as well as her sultry strip-teases. In a display of versatility, she designs all of her own costumes. Check out the mermaid suit in this compilation, although there’s nothing fishy about the rest of her opulent gear.

We looked, but couldn’t find her full mermaid act online. But the performance she gave at the 2010 New Orleans Burlesque Festival is killer. She always seems to be enjoying herself enormously on stage.

An Eternal Garden

The full title of Celeste Lai’s whimsical animated short is The Man Who Once Owned An Eternal Garden. It’s about a man who loves his garden dearly, but he’s not blessed with a green thumb, and doesn’t really have a sense of the changing seasons. This leads to some spotty horticultural results.

Lai uses a playful mix of different media and animation styles to give a rich texture to her work. A native of Taiwan, she’s now based in New York, working as an independent animator, and frequently illustrates lectures for the TedEd series. Visit her website at

Mr. Ma’s Reign of Error

Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou has moved the island nation closer to China’s orbit, increasing talk of an eventual reunification. But on the domestic front, many residents consider him a bumbler and weak leader, causing his poll ratings to plummet. H/T NMA World Edition

Japan’s Cuddle Cafe

We first reported on Japan’s Cuddle Cafe on October 6. Now, more is becoming clear about this new operation. Soineya (literally, “sleep together shop”) allows customers to sleep with cute, barely legal Japanese girls for the equivalent of about $80 an hour, but sex is prohibited. For additional fees, you can receive a pat on the back or get to sleep in a girl’s lap. Here is a comic introduction to the cafe from Taiwan’s Next Media Animation and then a video — in Japanese — depicting a masked customer in his private cubicle with a living doll.

Puerto Rico Favors Statehood

Puerto Rican voters on Tuesday approved a referendum advocating statehood. But the situation remains complicated. Many voters did not state a preference and others prefer Puerto Rico’s current status, maintaining a sovereign free association with the United States. Few Puerto Ricans these days favor independence.

Another issue: Before Puerto Rico could become the 51st US state, Congress would need to approve, and the President sign off on the bill. Reallocating four or five Congressional seats to Puerto Rico would mean fewer districts in California, New York and Texas, so there could be political ramifications.

Here’s a recap from Taiwan’s Next Media Animation.

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