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Rioting Spreads in Sweden

A sixth night of rioting has hit Sweden’s capital of Stockholm, despite police reinforcements being deployed. The rioting also spread outside the capital for the first time on Friday, with Islamic youths, many of them immigrants, torching vehicles and buildings in two nearby towns.

The Riots in Sweden

Muslim immigrants in Sweden have rioted for five straight nights, an offshoot of the country’s liberal policies encouraging multiculturalism and its failure to compel immigrants to assimilate. Greg Gutfeld examines what’s at stake, and how this unrest could spread to other countries in Europe and North America.

Topless Women Condemn Iran

Women activists in Stockholm, Sweden bared their breasts to denounce Iran and its practice under Sharia Law of forcing women to wear the hijab — the veil covering the faces of Muslim women. Looks like the protest tactics first employed by Femen are gaining new adherents worldwide. Now, this is a movement we could get behind. H/T Blazing Cat Fur


Babes of Burlesque: 36


Lily Deluxe admits she dwells in the past, but lucky for us, she expresses that passion by wearing lingerie from the Belle Epoque era of the late 19th century. She’s a member of Sweden’s Dames of Burlesque troupe — dedicated to barnstorming the country in a state of undress. She combines elegant grace with tongue-in-cheek humor to hook audiences.

Make sure your stockings are fastened for her take-off in Vanity Airlines.

She sabers and then savors a bottle of champagne for a grand finale at the 2012 Burleskapader.

To see her many acts and looks, visit her website at

Babes of Burlesque: 19


Raised in a bohemian family in the forests of Sweden, Fräulein Frauke now operates Stockholm’s most popular burlesque club, Fräulein Frauke Presents, while pursuing her own career as a saucy dancer and jazz/cabaret singer. Her numbers are iconic and memorable, combing spectacle and subtlety — from the cheeky Snow White and Human Cupcake to more classical and extravagant acts such as her operatic Bird Catcher, the smoldering All That Jazz or the sexy Mermaid.

Here, she literally blows away the audience with a sassy, military number Duty Calls, complete with cannon.

Mermaid, alternately known as The Birth of Venus.

Her website:

Nude Protest Greets Egyptians

Femen protesters Saturday staged an all-nude protest in the snow outside the Egyptian embassy in Sweden to oppose the new constitution paving the way for Sharia law in Egypt.  Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, an Egyptian blogger, joined Femen protesters from Ukraine at the event. Elmahdy immediately received a torrent of death threats. (NSFW)

Jumping Off the Fiscal Cliff

This just in…As the fiscal cliff approaches, President Obama is asking Republicans to revoke the pledge they took to never raise taxes. “Just as he revoked the pledge he took to uphold the Constitution,” says Jodi Miller. She also touches on the bone-tingling topic of skeleton sex in Sweden, China’s tallest building and MSNBC’s idea of fair and balanced overage in this edition of NewsBusted.

Gotta Leave My Troubles Behind

Animated video by Fabian Scheffold, Anna Andersson and Kristina Frank illustrating a throaty blues tune by Swedish songbird Miss Li.

Europe’s Last Dictatorship

When activists dropped parachuting teddy bears with pro-democracy slogans on Belarus, what’s dubbed Europe’s last dictatorship went to great lengths to silence the protest. The regime initially denied the airdrop had occurred, then jailed a journalist from Belarus who published photos of the teddies on a website. The incident even provoked a full-scale diplomatic rift between Belarus and Sweden, the home of the “Teddy Bear” activists.

Amos Roberts from SBS Dateline reports from Sweden and Belarus. Detained at the border upon trying to leave Belarus, Roberts had to secretly smuggle this footage out of the country.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Henrik Ehrsson, a neuroscientist from Stockholm, Sweden, has designed an experiment to test the suggestive powers of the subconscious mind. He calls it “The Dollhouse.” H/T ScienceChannel

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