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Obama’s Lackeys Upset

“President Obama said he underestimated America’s anxiety over terrorism, because he didn’t watch enough cable news,” Jodi Miller reports. “His comments came as a major disappointment to all of his lackeys at MSNBC.” Miller fires up the Christmas spirit further with Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Michelle Obama, Bowe Bergdahl, Susan Rice and Willie Nelson in this holiday issue of NewsBusted.

The Middle Finger

“It’s not just a poke in the eye, it’s a ‘middle finger’—to all of the victims of the Benghazi disaster” says Michelle Malkin, in response to Barack Obama’s appointment of Susan Rice for National Security Advisor. Malkin and one of the Democrats’ more eloquent spokesmen, James Carville, squared off to debate the appointment and the controversies surrounding the many recent White House and federal government scandals.




Obama’s Yes-Women

With President Obama’s appointment of Susan Rice to National Security Advisor and his nomination of Samantha Power as Ambassador to the United Nations, the Administration continues to prove its values cronyism over integrity. Even individuals caught telling bald-faced lies to the American public will be promoted by this Administration so long as they toe the party line. Conservative analyst Monica Crowley comments on this disturbing pattern.

To Infinity and Beyond

This just in…Nancy Pelosi says Congress ought to give President Obama the power to raise the debt level to infinity. “Here’s a news flash, Nancy, Obama’s already doing it anyway.” says Jodi Miller. Also hear her address United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, the NBA and Michigan’s debate over whether to dissolve the city of Detroit in this edition of NewsBusted.

Rove Holding Out for Victory

This just in…The GOP is already making plans for the 2016 campaign. “However, Karl Rove believes Romney can still win 2012,” says Jodi Miller. She also discusses Black Friday shopping, Susan Rice as a possible Secretary of State nominee and the mid-life crisis for male chimpanzees in this edition of NewsBusted.

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