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Gay Marriage Debate

Bill Whittle as the Virtual President discusses the recent Supreme Court ruling on Gay Marriage and proposes a simple solution that ensures our Constitutional protections and may leave both sides offended, but free and un-coerced.


Puppies & Kittens & Censors

Can the government silence and shut down licensed professionals for giving advice online?

The Institute for Justice has filed a lawsuit involving free speech and Internet freedom while centering on one of the most important unresolved issues in First Amendment law: When does occupational licensing trump the First Amendment?  The outcome will have widespread implications for medicine, law, psychology, investment advice, and many other occupations that often involve nothing but speech in the form of advice. The facts make it an ideal lawsuit for eventual consideration by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Biden on Cruise Control

Joe Biden is taking his third vacation so far in 2013. “Shhh…don’t complain,” says Jodi Miller. “We’re better off, believe me.” She also addresses the Supreme Court’s pending same-sex marriage case, Jim Carrey gun control antics and North Korea’s belligerent Kim Jong Un in this edition of NewsBusted.

Court to Punt on Gay Marriage

“The Supreme Court seems to think that the backers of [California’s] Proposition 8 don’t have the standing to bring this case, which would send the case back to the district courts,” says Reason’s Damon Root, who attended Wednesday’s oral arguments for one of the most-watched cases in years.

Hollingsworth v. Perry deals with a ballot initiative passed with 52 percent of the vote in 2008 that bars the Golden State from recognizing same-sex marriage. “That would mean one of two things: We could have gay marriage in California but nowhere else, or the ruling could be limited just to the two same-sex couples that brought the case.”

Root, who writes frequently about legal issues, sat down with Reason magazine’s Matt Welch to discuss how he thinks the justices will rule based on the proceedings.

The Supremes Are Back

The Supreme Court is back in session with some major cases on the docket: gay marriage, the limits of police power during drunk driving investigations and the rights of property owners to develop their land. How are the justices expected to rule in these cases and what are the likely implications of their decisions? Managing Editor Damon Root looks into the crystal ball with Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie.

The Atheist Nutcracker Suite

Why does Christmas turn atheists into Grinches? When everyone else is singing carols, what compels them to file lawsuits? Joe Dan Gorman offers some perspective in his latest Intellectual Frog Legs. He argues the battle against Christmas is part of a larger war against Christianity, the origins of which can be traced back to Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, a Democrat, anti-Catholic and card-carrying member of the KKK.


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