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Detroit Sucks, But Why?

PJTV’s Steven Crowder takes a closer look at the city of Detroit, which transformed from the envy of the industrial world to a city in ruins. The Motor City unemployment rate is sky high, the economy in in ruins and the real estate market has collapsed. Why has this happened? Crowder asks. “It’s no secret that Detroit’s run by leftists,” Crowder says. “Every single mayor of Detroit since 1961 has been a liberal. It is the city of entitlement programs.” And hold on, the corrupt unions are not without blame. Crowder says the UAW has run the auto industry into the ground and the teachers’ union has destroyed education. “Detroit has been the perfect laboratory for leftist policies at work for nearly half a century.” Tune in to hear more from Crowder in this edition of “Louder With Crowder” on PJTV.

Pure Detroit

Steven Crowder’s ode to the bankrupt metropolis that’s eating itself alive. This parody owes a debt to “Pure Michigan.”

Superman Joins a Union

If all superheroes were union members, would anyone ever be rescued? H/T Steven Crowder

Jesus Vs. Muhammad

Steven Crowder lives dangerously by drawing distinctions between Jesus and Muhammad, and reflecting upon how their lives influenced the course of Christianity and Islamism.

Benghazi Scandal

Andrew Klavan and Stephen Crowder have a spontaneous breakfast discussion about Benghazi, the scandal that the Obama administration and its compliant media supporters conspired to bury in the sands of the Sahara.

Crowder’s Back

This Thursday, May 2. Let the fun and games begin.

Fist Pumping in Michigan

This just in…During protests in Michigan last week, a pro-union protester punched Fox News contributor Steven Crowder in the mouth. “But as the liberal media reported it, conservative Steven Crowder hit a union worker in the fist with his face,” says Jodi Miller. She also opines about Hugo Chavez, the Mayan calendar and Quentin Tarantino’s new film Django Unchained in this edition of NewsBusted.


Fiscal Cliff, Oh Noes!!

Steven Crowder surveys bystanders to find out just how much the public understands the pending Fiscal Cliff. He discovers many people identifying themselves as siding with the Democrats when they actually voice support for the tax and spending reform positions taken by the Republicans.


Steven Crowder goes to Ann Arbor to talk with youngsters, psychologists and authorities about the legalization of marijuana. The college town in  Michigan has some of the most lenient laws on possession anywhere in the country, although that will change now that the state of Colorado is moving toward legalizing pot.

Israel Vs. The World

Israel snuffs Hamas terrorists and takes out rocket launchers in the Gaza, and Leftists are crying foul. They probably didn’t appreciate Charles Bronson, either. H/T Steven Crowder

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