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The White Warrior

Chechnya is much in the news of late as the homeland of the accused Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Most Americans know next to nothing about the Russian republic in the Caucasus region. In fact, some Twitter users were confusing Chechnya and the Czech Republic.

One period costume drama was set in Chechnya, Steve Reeves’ 1959 epic The White Warrior. Loosely based on a novel by Leo Tolstoy, the Italian-made picture recounts the exploits of Hadji Murad, a rebel leader who organized a series of devastating raids against the conquering armies of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I in the 19th century. Here is a dance sequence from the movie, starring Reeves as the Chechen chieftain. H/T SapphoPEPLUM

Go! Girl! Go! — Treinta y Seis

Nude nymphs followed by dancing girls, led by ballerina Colleen Bennet, regale Steve Reeves in Hercules Unchained. The 1959 box office hit was his first of many appearances as the mythical strongman. Hercules’ bride Iole was played by Sylva Koscina, the ravishing Yugoslav-born beauty who posed for Playboy in 1975, when she was 42.

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