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The Dynamics of Job Creation

You can always count on politicians on the stump taking credit for hundreds of thousands of jobs created across the nation. This especially true for our Teflon president, who usually takes credit for many things in government and the truth be damned. Fact is, says consumer advocate John Stossel, “I’m sick of these politicians talking about creating jobs. Government can create conditions that foster job growth, if government gets mostly out of the way. But it’s the private sector that actually creates real jobs.” Stossel is joined by the Independent Women’s Forum’s Hadley Heath Manning, Fox News political analyst Juan Williams and economist Stephen Moore to break down the dynamics of job creation on this edition of Liberty Pen.

Tax Hikes Could Stall Economy

Stephen Moore, senior economics writer for The Wall Street Journal, cautions against raising taxes given the fragile state of the economy and sluggish signs of growth. He tells Newsmax that further slippage could thrust America into a double-dip recession, with disastrous consequences.

Turbo-Charge the Economy

Stephen Moore, economist with the Wall Street Journal, advocates adoption of a flat, 19 percent tax rate, saying “if you do that, you’re injecting rocket fuel into the economy.” But at the minimum, Moore says, Congress needs to overhaul our nation’s tax code, calling it too broken to fix in a piecemeal fashion. Moore also offers his assessment of the 2012 election, and predicts it will be a squeaker, decided by a percent or two either way. Watch his interview with Nick Gillespie from Reason.TV.

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