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A Revolution is Brewing

As you may have gathered over the past few months, a revolution is simmering among the American electorate. And their disdain for the political establishment is to blame. On the GOP side, outsiders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are still dominating, while avowed socialist Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is making major headway as voters trickle to the polls. “I think politics in many ways has given us such a disdain and distaste for the whole mess, that we say, You know what, they’re all a bunch of thieves and scoundrels and pirates, and let them have it. We don’t even care. That’s what I’m afraid will happen,” says political pundit Scott Ott. He joins fellow panelists Bill Whittle and Stephen Green to read the pre-revolution tea leaves in this edition of “Trifecta” on PJTV.

More Evidence Against Hillary

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is still holding her ground that she had no knowledge that any of her e-mails were classified information. Nor, she said, did she receive any classified e-mails. But the FBI investigation has found that Clinton herself instructed one of her minions to remove the classified designation from e-mails. So is Clinton really telling the truth, or attempting to dodge an indictment? The “Trifecta” crew of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green debate the ever-mounting evidence against the former First Lady on PJTV.

Breaking news: The investigation has further discovered that a batch of her e-mails contained information that was beyond top secret. Stay tuned to the mystery of the evolvig e-mails.

Is Obama Pro-Jihadi?

What an embarrassing display of patriotism earlier this week when President Obama, the avowed leader of the free world, stepped up to the podium at a G20 press conference in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Paris and shamed America. He basically said that America is not interested in winning the war on terror, that the radical Islamic terrorist organization we call ISIS is contained. Which automatically begs the question: Is President Obama pro-Jihadi? The “Trifecta” crew of Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green debate the president’s actions in this rousing edition of PJTV.

Is McConnell Next?

Now that Speaker of the House John Boehner is gone, should Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell be next to vacate Capitol Hill? The stalwart “Trifecta” crew of Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott debate the future of the GOP on PJTV.

Sanctuary For a Killer

The question persists: Why was illegal alien Francisco Sanchez able to murder an innocent woman in San Francisco after being deported five times? John Phillips of “The Run Down” on PJTV says every once in a while a heinous crime goes down that galvanizes the masses and our lawmakers to act. Well, it’s time to act. Time to abolish sanctuary cities, time to erase ridiculous liberal policies that fail to enforce our laws. Phillips welcomes Stephen Kruiser and Stephen Green to debate this sensitive issue.

The Corrupt Clintons

If you remove one layer of corruption from the Clintons, guess what? You find another, more insidious layer. And another, and another … going back at least three decades. The “Trifecta” crew of Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott discuss how the Clintons are “made out of corruption” in this edition of PJTV.

A Matter Of Experience

Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, launched his first-ever run for public office recently, while Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, enters the fray with only one political campaign under her belt. So this begs the question: Is experience a requirement for presidential hopefuls? The “Trifecta” crew of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green provide analysis on this edition of PJTV.

How to Perfect Government

Is the United States getting too damn big to govern? How can we possibly shrink government? These are the questions dangling over PJTV’s “Trifecta” crew as they discuss how they would perfect government. Check out some interesting solutions from Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott.

Big Brother is Watching You

The concept of Little Free Libraries in neighborhoods across America, where you can take a book and leave a book sans any regulation, is rapidly growing in popularity. Unfortunately, Big Brother wants a piece of the action, too. State officials are threatening to tear down these neighborly libraries unless communities involved apply for an expensive permit. Writes Connor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic, “The power to require permits is the power to prevent something from ever existing.” Join Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle as they discuss how Americans lost the “private” from private property in this edition of “Trifecta” on PJTV.

Tri Crew Takes On Lyin’ Brian

Sources tell us that Brian Williams was actually Lord of the Rings’ Frodo, crossed the Delaware with General George Washington and stood alongside President Lincoln at Gettysburg. We jest, of course, but these are some of the entertaining parodies splashing the Internet. PJTV’s crew of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green take on the Williams embellisment scandal with some juicy debate in this edition of “Trifecta.”

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