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Laboratories of Democracy

John Stossel explains the beauty of federalism. If you live in a state where the politicians are power-crazy, running amok, bankrupting the government and taxing the citizenry to the hilt, all you have to do is pack your bags and head somewhere else where the pastures are greener. He identifies the handful of states that don’t collect an income tax.

Puerto Rico Favors Statehood

Puerto Rican voters on Tuesday approved a referendum advocating statehood. But the situation remains complicated. Many voters did not state a preference and others prefer Puerto Rico’s current status, maintaining a sovereign free association with the United States. Few Puerto Ricans these days favor independence.

Another issue: Before Puerto Rico could become the 51st US state, Congress would need to approve, and the President sign off on the bill. Reallocating four or five Congressional seats to Puerto Rico would mean fewer districts in California, New York and Texas, so there could be political ramifications.

Here’s a recap from Taiwan’s Next Media Animation.

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