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The Most Dangerous Sport

Mario, Fafa and Gorilla try to figure out which sport is the most dangerous.


Watch What You Say

June’s Nanny of the Month winner from Reason.TV, as well as the runners-up, are all politicians who want to clamp down on your freedom of speech. Some want to criminalize speech to combat bullying. Others are trying to curb trash-talking at sporting events. But the clearcut Nanny of the Month winner, New Mexico State Rep.  Mary Helen Garcia, has proposed punishing harsh speech directed at journalists, academics, celebrities, politicians, and the like, if the speech results in “substantial emotional distress.” Talk about an open-ended invitation to censorship.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

President Obama is reportedly a solid athlete. But then why does he always seem to choke when the cameras are on?

Kansas Squeezes @KUboobs

Kansas University is famous for its strong basketball team, but it’s quickly gaining infamy for another “asset” — boobs! The university issued a cease-and-desist order for a twitter account under the handle @KUboobs for selling merchandise with the KU brand on it. H/T Next Media Animation

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie joins John Stossel to talk about the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports.

The ABC’s of Ticket Scalping

Politicians cannot resist getting in between a voluntary exchange. Sports economist J.C. Bradbury tells John Stossel why ticket scalping should not only be allowed, but reflects true marketplace supply and demand.

Those Ugly, Racist Democrats

Alfonzo Rachel does not like talking about racism all the time, so why does he? Find out as he discusses the racist policies of the Democratic Party, in addition to the racist comments about NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III. H/T PJTV

Adrenalin Nation

Adventure tourism is big business in New Zealand. About 40 percent of all foreign travelers to the nation will try out an extreme sport during their stay. This report surveys the landscape and the many adventures — bungee jumping, mountain climbing, skiing, rafting, ballooning, base jumping and other strenuous, sometimes dangerous activities. H/T Journeyman Pictures

Tennis to Silence Grunters

Reacting to complaints from fans, professional tennis wants to clamp down on loud grunting by players.

Grunting players say it helps them focus their energies, but opponents say it’s a distraction. And why is a proposed ban on grunting only aimed at women? Are they the worst offenders or are their grunts simply more suggestive?

Maria Sharapova: Deep in the throes of sexual release?

The turkey gobbler.

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