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Spain’s Grisly Crime Reporting

It was just the next morning after the murder of volleyball star Ingrid Visser when the local Spanish newspaper La Verdad was able to publish an extremely detailed report about the find. So just where did this information come from? “That’s a million euro question that I will never answer”, retorts crime reporter Ricardo Fernandez. The Spanish press and police have a notoriously close relationship. The lawyer of the main suspect claims that his client has already been convicted in the court of public opinion, and that a fair trial is now impossible. In Holland relatives of Visser have been horrified by the intimate revelations about the case. Yet Fernandez remains defiant: “I have to protect my interests. And my interests are to inform society.”

Europe’s New Refugees

Waves of immigration have always been a source of political tension in Europe. Now, Europe is facing up to an unusual new migration worry: floods of migrants fleeing from the continent’s faltering economies.

The Sky of the Canaries

This is one of the more awe-inspiring time-lapse movies around, created by Daniel Lopez to capture the haunting quality of the skies over the Canary Islands. Lopez shot these images in Tenerife at some 2,000 feet above sea level, where the mountains and clouds begin to meet. It took him more than a year to photograph and assemble the work. He is planning to do several other follow-up shorts highlighting the beauty of the different islands. H/T Kuriositas

The Henhouse

A hungry fox sneaks into an upscale diner with hilariously deadpan results in Elena Pomares’ 2010 animated short. The slick and sleek images were all hand-drawn by Pomares and set against screen printed backdrops. She originally graduated from the University of Barcelona in Spain, but now is based in London, pursuing advanced studies at the National Film and Television School. H/T Animation Blog


Babes of Burlesque: 40


Born and raised in southern Spain, Medianoche is a professional tango and flamenco dancer as well as a stripper. Some of her acts pay nostalgic homage to Spain — such as “Granada” and “Dada del Ruso” — but she can also bust loose with something modern, like “Typewriters and Fishnets,” in which a secretary abandons her typing for a low stocking peel with a desktop tassel-twirl climax.

A member of the vibrant New York burlesque scene, she tours extensively, including a stint in Dita von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray! cast. Described by the emcee as “sin in a hourglass,” here she performs a sultry number to live music by The Hot Sardines in Dominion, New York. The band members do seem to be having trouble averting their gaze.

At the 4th annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival, Medianoche demonstrates how to do the slow burn. She is quite the tease.

Her website:


Scores of nature documentaries celebrate the how different animal species have adapted to survive. But just as it has produced many success stories, Nature also has its failures, failures  that usually go unsung. Guillermo Garcia Carsi’s animated short from Spain rectifies this oversight, introducing the cube fish, the inverted hedgehog and other amazing creatures. H/T Kuriositas

The European Perspective

What do Europeans think about Americans? Prager University interviews an expert on the subject, Jose Maria Aznar, the former Prime Minister of Spain. He also touches upon the dangers that could arise if American influence wanes, and why it’s important to stand up for Israel.

Voice Over

You’re an astronaut marooned on a distant planet, your oxygen nearly depleted as a deadly predator punctures your spacesuit and starts slithering its way toward your torso. No, you’re a soldier on the front lines in World War I, your legs gone and your courage vanishing as you mount one last effort to stop the enemy assault. No, you’re a sailor, tethered to a sinking boat, drowning as you plunge deep down an abyss.

Voice Over is the ultimate acid-test of your abilities to survive extreme conditions. Martin Rosete’s imaginative short, from Spain, comes complete with voiceover in French, and subtitles in English.  H/T Kuriositas

Lux Aeterna

Usually on Call Me Stormy, we dwell on the mundane and the profane. Today, we’ll get a little more profound and metaphysical. The cornerstone for our inquiry: A probing lecture by Stephen Hawking questioning the origins of life and the universe. But as a segue to Hawking, we present Cristobal Vila’s paean to the eternal light.

The M.C. Escher-inspired artist, based in Zaragoza, Spain, creates short puzzlebox movies using 3-D graphics to illustrate nature and the world at large,  stretching out well beyond our solar system. You might remember him from his work Nature by Numbers, which went quite viral. Here’s his latest effort, with accompanying music by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. H/T Kuriositas

France: “The Real Sick Man”

We’ve heard plenty about the economic woes facing Greece and Spain. But Wilbur Ross says France might be “the real sick man” of Europe, whose problems could be much more substantial long-term than either Greece or Spain. Ross is the CEO of W.L. Ross & Company, an investment banking and private equity firm. He believes France will be crippled by its high tax rates, coupled with regressive government policies thwarting private growth.

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