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Do Aliens Really Exist?

Surely you’ve seen videos of so-called UFOs. For some this is proof of alien life, while others aren’t so sure. So for World UFO Day 2013, D News lays out all the evidence, runs the numbers, and asks… do aliens really exist?

Drinkable Water on Mars

The Opportunity rover discovered clay minerals on the Martian surface, which points to an ancient, watery past. H/T SourceFed


Does Alien Life Exist?

The universe is huge. That means two things: 1. There is probably life elsewhere, 2. It is likely too far away to have reached us.

Hubble Realms of Light

Getting ready for the advent of 4k TV. Revel in some of the highest resolution images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Even now you can see the detail now in these inspiring images, but be sure to check back when you have lined up your 4k monitor or TV in the coming years.

Colonizing Mars

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, is the world’s leading space entrepreneur. Hear how Musk plans to send millions of people to colonize Mars, as Michelle Fields talks to the tech innovator about the future of space exploration, scientific innovation and doing business in California during a recession. H/T PJTV

The Earth’s Sweet Curves

This 4k video features some of the most astonishingly beautiful images from the Gateway to Astronaut Photography based at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. How can anyone ever tire of gazing on the gentle curvature of mother Earth as seen from the International Space Station.

The Space Harpoon

Engineers are developing a harpoon to clear up space junk. The harpoon will be used to snag defunct satellites and used rocket boosters threatening other satellites and astronauts on the International Space Station. Channel 4 in Great Britain reports.

Profits in Space

Planetary Resources is an asteroid mining company. Its president, Chris Lewicki, joins Glenn Reynolds to discuss the profit potential from space exploration. Platinum and other precious metals exist in abundance in space. Is space the next big growth industry? Find out. Also, watch for our companion piece coming later today — Hank Green on the topic of Asteroid Wranglin.’ H/T PJTV

Voyager Journey to the Stars

Cosmic Journeys examines the immense promise of the Voyager mission and where it will lead us in our grand ambition to move out beyond our home planet. The two Voyager spacecraft are now tens of billions of kilometers from Earth. As the spacecraft streak out into the void, what will we learn about the galaxy, the universe and ourselves?

Space Trash

Earth’s orbit has a bit of a litter problem. Hank Green outlines a few proposals scientists have floated to help clean things up.

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