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Go! Girl! Go!–Cincuenta y Cinco

Merry Christmas! We’ve got a stocking stuffer for you and then a gift package we guarantee you’ll enjoy unwrapping. Both glittering presents under the tree feature Sophia Loren, who might not have been the most classically trained dancer in cinema, but va-va-va-voom! Was there ever an actress who carried herself  so gracefully and so gorgeously?

To rustle your jimmies, we offer Sophia dancing flamenco in the 1957 period piece The Pride and the Passion, cast opposite Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra.

And, now something a little naughty, but plenty nice — Sophia strips for Marcello Mastroianni in 1963’s Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Go! Girl! Go! — Ocho

A cruel Roman caesar (Claude Laydu) inflicts his sadistic whims on a dancer in Attila, a 1954 Italian-made film. The ravishing beauty descending the staircase midway through this scene is none other than a young Sophia Loren, then a fresh 20-year-old. Anthony Quinn also stars in the picture as the Hun invader Attila, dubbed by the Romans “The Scourge of God.” This clip, and many others in our Go!Girl!Go! series, comes courtesy of the Sappho Peplum YouTube channel at

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