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The Somali Pirate Imposters

Somali pirates have kidnapped hundreds of people and cost millions in ransom payments. Jamal Osman of Channel 4 in Great Britain finds that journalists keen to interview them do not always get what they bargained for.


Somali Artists on Comeback

As African forces continue to push Islamist militants belonging to the al-Shabaab network out of Somali cities, the country is slowly but steadily witnessing a rebirth of its art scene.

UK Eyes Khat House Ban

Banned across Europe and the United States, the drug “khat” remains in use in the United Kingdom, mostly by members of the expatriate Somali community. Now, British drug advisers are poised to recommend whether to make khat illegal. Growers in Kenya say that could have devastating economic consequences, and the Somalis are split over the proposed ban.

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