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Weird Science

President Obama is demanding more money for green energy initiatives in his second term. As if Solyndra wasn’t a big enough bust the first time around. Meanwhile, one of the anchors at CNN asks aloud whether global warming contributed to an asteroid nearly swiping the planet Earth. Ben Crystal offers all the Weird Science news on this edition of The Great Eight from Personal Liberty Digest.


Hot Air Express

President Obama hopes to achieve liftoff with his inflated rhetoric, but an armed truth elf counters all of that hot air in a new satirical cartoon from Politizoid.

Monument to Solyndra Failure

The Obama Administration spent half a billion dollars propping up Solyndra, the California solar firm that eventually went bankrupt. Now, what do the taxpayers have to show for that lavish investment in alternative energy? Would you believe a glistening art display in a Berkeley botanical garden? H/T iOwntheWorld

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