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Square Bubbles

Do square bubbles really exist? That’s the question of the day and the answer is yes… if you know the science secret. Square bubbles are easy to make and serve as a great learning tool as students explore the concepts of soap films and surface tension. Get ready to amaze your friends. H/T Sick Science!

Dancing Spaghetti

Some folks boil pasta. Others make ’em dance. H/T Sick Science


Iron for Breakfast

Armed with a powerful magnet and a bounty of curiosity, you can discover and then explore the metallic iron in iron-fortified cereal. Make a cereal soup to see first-hand the metal you’re eating. H/T Sick Science!

Teflon Tape Secret Message

See how easy it is to pass along secret messages to your loved ones on Christmas. H/T Sick Science

Smoking Bubbles

Just in time for Halloween, here’s how you can easily create smoking bubbles to dazzle your party guests or trick-or-treaters who knock on your door. H/T Sick Science!

How to Make Boo Bubbles

In this episode of Sick Science!, learn how you can make “boo bubbles.” All you need is a little dry ice, an empty 2-liter bottle, a plastic cup, some tubing and soapy water, and you can have fun generating durable bubbles filled with fog.

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