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Loch Ness Monster A Ripple?

A geologist says mysterious effects on the water’s surface can be attributed to seismic activity from the fault running below Loch Ness.

6,000 Gallons of Scotch Flushed

Members of the night shift at Chivas Brothers distillery in Scotland accidentally spilled 18,000 liters of whiskey down the drain. That’s the equivalent of roughly 6,000 gallons, worth well over $600,000 on the retail market. No word on whether the errant workers had been imbibing.


Babes of Burlesque: 48


Scotland’s most celebrated burlesque artist, Missy Malone, isn’t a good fan dancer. She’s a fantastic one. But the fans are only a small part of her stage arsenal. For an act she calls “The Bride,” paying homage to the 1935 movie The Bride of Frankenstein, she dances using that silts that transform her into a towering, nine-foot figure. She also does a champagne-themed balloon dance and impersonates a gambling cowgirl in “Ace of Spades.”

To get a sense of her elaborate costumes and stage props, check out this routine called “Jack Frost,” performed at Burlescapades, hosted by the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, Scotland.

From an early age, Missy was inspired by classic American pin-up artwork, particularly WWII airplane nose art. This passion is evident in “The Military Strip,” a duet she performed with Leyla Rose at The Arches in Glasgow, Scotland.

Want to see more? Go to her website at

Movement Afoot to Split Spain

Catalans in the northeastern quadrant of Spain are pushing to secede, believing they are shouldering too much of the burden for propping up the financially beleaguered nation. Secession movements are gaining ground elsewhere — not just in the United States, but also in Scotland, which has a vote scheduled next year on whether to leave Great Britain and become an independent nation. H/T Next Media Animation

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