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President Carter Dodges Bullet

Jodi Miller reports that a recent poll shows Americans think President Obama is the worst president since World War II. Says Miller, “And when he heard the news, Jimmy Carter totally gave himself a high-five.” Miller also features Kanye West, Saudi Arabia and European Google in this edition of NewsBusted.

Saudis Behind Benghazi Coverup

It wasn’t the election, but rather secret CIA-sponsored arms sales and Saudi money that motivated the Benghazi coverup, a recent political analyst reports. Pundit Dick Morris explores the disturbing implications, and asks how pervasively the Saudis are influencing US politics through bribes and secret campaign contributions.

Just Dance (Saudi Version)

Hey everyone! We all like the song Just Dance, but did you know the Saudi Arabian version is a little different? Featuring lyrics and lead vocals by Remy.





Media Accused of Coverup

As news leaks about the US drone base in Saudi Arabia, now we’re learning that three American media outlets — The New York Times, Washington Post and Associated Press — have long known about the base, but withheld information from the public at the request of the Obama Administration. If Nixon had asked these same outlets to suppress the news, do you think they would have complied? Why is it they only hop into bed with so-called progressives like Obama?

Princess Lets Down Her Hair

What’s it like to be a princess and to be married to one of the world’s richest men?¬†Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia talks about her life with Lee Hawkins from the Wall Street Journal. Her husband, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has a personal wealth estimated at $18 billion, and owns a stake in News Corporation, parent company of the Wall Street Journal as well as Fox News. Among other issues, the princess discusses women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, the current unrest in the Islam world, and her many charitable campaigns.

Saudi City For Women

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a city whose workforce will be composed exclusively of women. The announcement has prompted debate, with some seeing it as a modest, half-way measure toward granting more gender equality while others maintain that it’s a subterfuge and doesn’t alter the backward nature of Saudi Arabia’s Sharia Laws.

Those laws are strict — Saudi Arabia remains the only country in the world where women aren’t allowed to drive.¬† But some new freedoms are being permitted. Women can now attend college, work in certain professions and, beginning in 2015, will be permitted to vote and run for office in local elections. The establishment of the women’s-only enclave outside Al Hofuf, west of Bahrain, will give women new opportunities in the pharmaceutical and textile industries.

But Ezra Levant, commentator for Sun News in Canada, says the establishment of a women’s-only city in Saudia Arabia constitutes “gender apartheid,” eerily similar to the practices of segregation and discrimination once applied to race in South Africa. He says the proposal amounts to “a gulag for uppity women,” rather than truly advancing equality between the sexes. He discusses the issue with Pamela Geller, whose US-based blog, Atlas Shrugs, has extensively covered human rights abuses carried out under the guise of Sharia Laws. H/T iOwnTheWorld

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