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Drink Beer and Stay Healthy

Want to stay healthy this winter? Forget about cough drops and cold medicine. Go out and buy a six-pack of beer. A new study has shown beer contains a chemical can can ward off a common virus. ¬†Of course, Sapporo, the Japanese beer brand, funded the study, so no telling if it is completely scientific. If you’re concerned, play it safe — and stock up on a 12-pack. H/T Instapundit

World of Beers III

The World of Beers Tour is now gaining a full head of steam. On tap tonight: Sapporo, Japan.

Animation often figures in beer commercials, but this one really pulls out all the stops. Created by the firm Dentsu, out of Canada, the spot offers an amazing, two-minute scroll through the history of Japan and an insider’s look at the brewing process. Be sure to watch it full-screen.

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