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Samuel L. Jackson’s A Tool

Samuel L. Jackson has emerged as one of the most strident Hollywood mouthpieces for the Obama administration. But does Jackson practice what he preaches? If he advocates higher taxes for you why does he appear in movies designed to take advantage of every last tax shelter possible? Hear Adam Carolla’s R-rated take on the subject.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife!

Alfonzo Rachel reveals the Democrats’ top-secret campaign strategy: To curse at children! You think he’s kidding? Watch as Samuel L. Jackson reads to kids from an R-rated script urging them to get behind President Obama. Not to be left out in the cold, Whoopi Goldberg also has an expletive-filled outburst on The View, aimed at pundit Ann Coulter. And to think liberals like to accuse conservatives of being prone to knee-jerk anger.

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