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Summer Lovin’

Summer love. Is it within your reach, or just a nice dream? With the help of technology, D News examines the hard facts and finds you’re just as likely to experience a breakup as to embark on a new relationship under the hot summer sun.

Every Romantic Comedy Ever

Coming soon to a theater near you: every romantic comedy that has ever existed. H/T Pleated Jeans


The Love Park

Across the Americas and Europe, people often go online or check the newspapers to search the personals and seek out romance. But in China, personals get posted in public parks. Would-be suitors and their parents cruise locales like the People’s Park in Shanghai seeking the right partners for themselves or for their children.

Inside OKCupid

When two people join an online dating site, they are matched according to shared interests and how they answer a number of personal questions. But how do sites calculate the likelihood of a successful relationship? Christian Rudder, one of the founders of popular dating site OKCupid, spills the beans by detailing the algorithm behind ‘hitting it off.’

Single Cats Greet the Day

How are single cats spending Valentine’s Day? Jeff Wysaski of Pleated Jeans gives us the straight scoop.

Now and Forever

It’s a Halloween movie set at Christmastime, but this one interlude from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is really more appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Jack Skellington and the ragdoll Sally sing “Now and Forever” before sharing a kiss on a moonlit night.

Pongo Meets Perdita

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we thought we’d offer a few cartoons this week celebrating love in all its varied splendor. To kick things off, here’s the priceless scene from 101 Dalmatians where Pongo meets Perdita.

Love Conquers All

Can two lovers whose beliefs are diametrically opposed find true romance? Is tolerance a strong-enough force to overcome all differences? Can a country music-loving guy make it with a woman who listens to Kid Creole and the Coconuts? Find out in this TV parody from France, by Tano and Thomas Gaudin. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

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