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Golden Age of MTV

To celebrate the release of Kennedy’s new book  THE KENNEDY CHRONICLES, she sat down  for a live broadcast conversation with producer and media mogul Andy Schuon, who happens to be the man responsible for launching her media career. They discussed the old days at the MTV beach house, ruminated on how cultural and technological shifts have affected popular music, and hyped Schuon’s new music video channel, Revolt, which he’s launching in conjunction with Diddy.

How Heavy Metal Went Global

“The biggest surprise was the girls in Egypt wearing veils doing the headbanging,” Jörg Brüggemann says of his worldwide quest to document metal culture. The photographer went to concerts and festivals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, the U.S., Brazil, and Argentina over three years to capture the lifestyle and commonalities among fans. The result was a book, Metalheads, and a short documentary from the German art book publisher Gestalten. How does metal manage to transcend national boundaries? As Brüggemann points out, “a mosh pit is a mosh pit!”

I Wish I Had Jessie’s Girl

Was Rick Springfield’s rock anthem a work of genius or one of the dumbest songs of the ’80s? Here’s a discussion of what ought to be a moot point. Watch and you’ll understand. H/T Cracked

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