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Breaking Bad

Rhett and Link offer a Middle School Musical recap of BREAKING BAD Seasons 1-5 with a prediction on how the series will end. What do YOU think will happen in the final season?

How to Take a Photo

Key & Peele join Rhett & Link in a photo session devoted to the quest: How to take the perfect duo portrait.

What Women Want

Rhett, Link and friends lift the lid on a few well-kept secrets: This is what the chicks really dig.

Beat the Heat

Meekakitty joins Rhett and Link in an ode offering cool suggestions for how to beat the summer heat.

Crevasse of No Return

Never fall into the crevasse of no return, and say hello to Fancy Nancy. An animated segment from Rhett and Link’s Mythical Show.

Yo Daddy Battle

Rhett and Link engage in an epic musical challenge over whose father is the most awesome.


The Graduation Song


All in one take! Rhett and Link deliver a musical wake-up call for high school graduates.

Forest Patrol

Rhett and Link, as the Forest Patrol, teach campers about the dangers of fire in a segment from The Mythical Show.

Star Trek: The Musical

Star Trek Into Darkness? No. Star Trek into middle school! A musical interlude from Rhett and Link’s The Mythical Show!

This Board Game’s Tough

Learning to play a new game has never been so painful. Rhett and Link outline the rules in this segment from their new, weekly YouTube program The Mythical Show.

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