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Could GOP Take the Senate?

Pundit Dick Morris says prospects look good for several GOP Senate candidates, perhaps enough to give Republicans the six-seat gain needed to wrest control of the chamber away from the Democrats.


The Liberal Whisperer

Joe Dan Gorman, synchronized hot tubbing champion, surveys the current political scene and finds both parties wanting. He believes the Democrats have turned into goosestepping European Socialists, while the Republicans are going along to get along. Hear his latest salvos in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

The Democratic Spending Spree

Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, one of the highest ranking Republican women in Congress, says President Obama’s State of the Union speech failed to address two of the most troubling problems facing the nation –how can we create more jobs and control runaway federal spending. She says the President also seemed closed to the idea of negotiating bi-partisan solutions, but she remains hopeful that immigration reform can perhaps be achieved over the next four years. H/T Wall Street Journal


Obama’s Reign of Terror

Yesterday, pundit Dick Morris outlined how President Obama won re-election not by attracting broad support for his socialist policies, but by ginning up fear toward the Republicans among a variety of special-interest constituencies. Today, Morris outlines how the Republicans can begin to win over those constituencies by lowering the fear factor.

Winning on Immigration

If the Republicans play their cards right, immigration reform can be a winning issue for the party. But the GOP could alienate Hispanics if the party is perceived as being dead-set against allowing any reform to happen. Pundit Dick Morris explains.

Social Issues Hurt GOP

Michael Reagan says the Republican Party put forward too many Tea Party candidates who got defeated because they held extremist positions on social issues. To succeed in the future, he says, the party must choose wiser candidates who focus their attention on the issues that matter to the most voters — economic matters.

GOP Should Have Run Cain

Playing a little Monday morning quarterback, Alfonzo Rachel builds a case for why the Republicans should have run Herman Cain against President Obama, instead of Mitt Romney. Rachel also opines on the future of conservatism and the Republican Party in this edition of ZoNation.

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