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Rogue Waves

Rogue waves are those that are greater than twice the height of surrounding waves. For a long time, rogue waves were thought to be a myth, like mermaids or the kraken, but recent developments in satellite imagery and oceanic instruments now show that they occur on a semi-regular basis. But we’re still not sure why. Hank Green discusses the phenomenon on the SciShow.

The Kraken — Released

Filmmakers have released moving footage of a giant squid in its natural, deep-sea habitat, something that has never been done before. Here’s a sneak peek at the underwater shots of the giant squid, the animal that inspired the myth of the Kraken. The Discovery Channel will air more of this documentary footage later this month.


Release the Kraken

Calling all Republicans, clear-thinking independents and Democrats who disapprove of President Obama’s Leftist policies. You have one task to perform over the next day, and it’s a simple one: Vote. Release the Kraken.

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