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Capitalism is Best

Since President Obama took up residence in the White House, the debate began in earnest: socialism versus capitalism. While the national consensus is Obama leans toward more government and socialism, the majority of the country opines that good old-fashioned entrepreneurship and capitalism is the way to go. Georgetown University associate professor of philosophy Jason Brennan says in his new book, “Why Not Capitalism,” that the notion holding the most appeal with academics is that while socialism is unworkable in practice, it is still the best way to society in theory. “Such thinking neglects the fact that even in utopia, people will have significantly different visions of life well lived.” Join Brennan as he explains his vision to Reason TV’s Rob Montz.

Millenials Are Evolving

Wanna hear a surprising fact? Millenials aren’t dyed-in-the-wool, far left liberals as many in the mainstream media would have you believe. Reason TV-Rupe polling director Emily Ekins says, “Millenials are no more likely than Americans over 30 to say they’re Democrat. Instead, they’re three times as likely to say they’re Independent and half as likely to say they’re Republican.” In this edition of Reason TV, Ekins delves a little deeper into the factors driving the Millenials.


Northern Cal Talks Secession

The swell of California’s taxation, empty representation and overwhelming regulation has residents in the northern part of the state talking secession. Activists claim the state’s three major urban areas dictate politics for all of California and the good folks of Northern Cal have had enough. If they indeed have their way, Jefferson will become the 51st state in the Union, says Mark Baird, of the Jefferson Declaration Committee. “We already have 350,000 people that want liberty,” Baird says. “We get calls from more counties every day. We’re practicing inclusion. This isn’t exclusively some right-wing movement, we have Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents. We have everyone that wants to see a better life for themselves and their children.” Baird and other activists tell Reason TV their story.

Solving Overpopulation

You hear it all the time: Overpopulation will doom Earth as we know it. It will wipe out our food sources, tap out our water supply, squeeze us off the planet. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu points out in her new documentary, Misconception,” that we’re going about solving the problem in all the wrong ways. “The biggest turn that happened in my mind, and it was something I tried to replicate in the film, was this idea that it’s not about adjusting the numbers and making people conform to the numbers, and that’s how you solve people’s problems. It’s the exact opposite,” Yu says. In this edition of Reason TV, host Zach Weissmuller interviews Yu about the film and the impending overpopulation concern.

The Mad Scientist of Journalism

It’s difficult to believe, but mobile phones could become relics sooner than we think, replaced by wearables–on your face or even the proverbial chip in the brain. University of Southern California journalism professor Robert Hernandez discusses the emerging technology of Google Glass with Reason TV’s Tracy Oppenheimer, touching on the issues of privacy and the new wave of getting our future information.

All Eyes on the Supremes

The Supreme Court is rapidly approaching the end of its current term with major decisions on campaign finance reform and affirmative action under its belt, and a ruling on the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate in the wings. But as Reason TV’s Damon Root explains, there are three additional cases worth paying attention to. Root talks about the decisions that will impact warrantless cellphone searches, the limits of political free speech and broadcast TV in the digital age.


Happy Tax Day

Remy parodies Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy” in this tribute to Tax Day on Reason TV. Rejoin us here on LOL next Tuesday for another peek at the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

Our Liberty is Slipping Away

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a political and senior judicial analyst for Fox News, tells Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie that we are rapidly losing our liberty. “With respect to the level of regulation by the government, the areas of human behavior utterly and totally dominated by the federal government, much less a state government, and with the surveillance state, the welfare state, the regulatory state, the administrative state, we are on a downward spiral and we are losing liberty with every tick of the clock. And unless we get a game-changer, in the White House and the Congress¬† or in the courts, the spiral will continue.”

Reform Criminal Justice

At the recent CPAC conference, conservatives uncovered a seriously expensive problem that needs tending to. The annual gathering of right-leaning activists from around the country came to a rare agreement that our criminal justice system is in need of immediate reform. Tax reform giant Grover Norquist, Texas Governor Rick Perry and former New York City Commissioner Bernard Kerik laid out their plans for reform, taking the lead from several state initiatives implemented by Republican governors. Reason TV’s Matt Welch takes a look at the flurry of ideas.

Pope Wrong About Capitalism

When Pope Francis decried that the culture of prosperity deadens us all and blamed it on capitalism last December, that riled more than a few capitalists. One of them is Marian Tupy, senior policy analyst at the Cato Institute and editor of the website Human Progress, who tells Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie that Pope Francis is wrong on two counts. “First of all, the Pope is under the impression that the markets are free. That the markets are unfettered. He uses the expression ‘totally autonomous markets.’ In fact, over the past 20 years Washington alone has produced some 80,000 regulations … we don’t really have free markets as such. And secondly, what we see in countries with a level of great economic freedom, the poor are richer, they own a greater share of national wealth, there is less corruption and there are greater political and civil liberties.”

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