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Happy Tax Day

Remy parodies Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy” in this tribute to Tax Day on Reason TV. Rejoin us here on LOL next Tuesday for another peek at the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

Our Liberty is Slipping Away

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a political and senior judicial analyst for Fox News, tells Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie that we are rapidly losing our liberty. “With respect to the level of regulation by the government, the areas of human behavior utterly and totally dominated by the federal government, much less a state government, and with the surveillance state, the welfare state, the regulatory state, the administrative state, we are on a downward spiral and we are losing liberty with every tick of the clock. And unless we get a game-changer, in the White House and the Congress¬† or in the courts, the spiral will continue.”

Reform Criminal Justice

At the recent CPAC conference, conservatives uncovered a seriously expensive problem that needs tending to. The annual gathering of right-leaning activists from around the country came to a rare agreement that our criminal justice system is in need of immediate reform. Tax reform giant Grover Norquist, Texas Governor Rick Perry and former New York City Commissioner Bernard Kerik laid out their plans for reform, taking the lead from several state initiatives implemented by Republican governors. Reason TV’s Matt Welch takes a look at the flurry of ideas.

Pope Wrong About Capitalism

When Pope Francis decried that the culture of prosperity deadens us all and blamed it on capitalism last December, that riled more than a few capitalists. One of them is Marian Tupy, senior policy analyst at the Cato Institute and editor of the website Human Progress, who tells Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie that Pope Francis is wrong on two counts. “First of all, the Pope is under the impression that the markets are free. That the markets are unfettered. He uses the expression ‘totally autonomous markets.’ In fact, over the past 20 years Washington alone has produced some 80,000 regulations … we don’t really have free markets as such. And secondly, what we see in countries with a level of great economic freedom, the poor are richer, they own a greater share of national wealth, there is less corruption and there are greater political and civil liberties.”

Courts Failing the Constitution

Clark Neily, attorney at the Institute for Justice, is adamant that the courts have failed our Constitution, and says so in his new book, Terms of Engagement: How the Courts Should Enforce the Constitution’s Promise of Limited Government. Neily tells Reason TV’s Zach Weissmueller, “The judiciary was meant to stand as a bulwark against the tyranny of the majority, a defender of individual rights. Instead, it has become a mere enabler of legislators and government agencies.”

Cruz Challenges Drug Policy

Texas freshman Senator Ted Cruz takes President Obama to task on the country’s drug policy in this edition of Reason TV. Cruz, who adamantly states nobody is above the law, says the president picks and chooses which laws to follow in a way that is unprecedented¬† in U.S. history.

The War On Sex Trafficking

When California passed Proposition 35, an anti-sex trafficking measure in 2012, it was supported by a landslide 81 percent of the voters. Meanwhile, isolated counties in rural Nevada are the only communities in America where prostitution is legal and regulated. In the following video, Reason TV takes an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the sex-trafficking dilemma.

2014 Most Libertarian Ever

Reason TV host Nick Gillespie points out that 2013 was in many ways a terrible year for libertarians and limited government. So what does 2014 have in store for us? Gillespie gives us three reasons why 2014 might be the most libertarian year ever.

Nanny of the Year Awards

Reason TV presents its 2013 Nanny of the Year Awards, recognizing those who devote their lives to telling us how to run ours. Ted Balaker, who wrote and produced this spoof ceremony, features Oregon State Rep. Mitch Greenlick, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Eastchester, N.Y., supervisor Anthony Colavita and, last but not least, the drop-dead gorgeous Halle Berry.

Compliance Can Be Costly

Host Nick Gillespie and TV personality Mike Rowe discuss the “Hidden Cost of Compliance” in this edition of Reason TV. Says Rowe, who is best known as the longtime host of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” “There are an army of angry acronyms out there and they each have a very specific agenda. None of them are there to make your life easier. They are there to make you more compliant.”

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