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U.S. On Greek Economic Path

With the United States spending millions more than it takes in, carelessly printing money to prop up its bond and stock markets and driving the nation’s debt to the point of no return, we are facing dire economic woes, says Doug Casey, wildly successful head of Casey Research. “The United States has been going downhill since the McKinley regime,” the bearish Casey says. “Technology has been getting better, but from a philosophical point of view it’s been declining since then. And in actual economic terms, in terms of what the average guy is able to do, we’ve been going downhill since the mid-’70s.” Casey explains further to Reason TV host Matt Welch, and offers some nuggets of optimism going forward.

U.S. Facing Financial Calamity

Investment guru Peter Schiff says the financial problems plaguing Greece and Puerto Rico are eerily similar to ours here in the United States. “The reality is, we’re in worst shape than Puerto Rico,” Schiff tells Reason TV’s Matt Welch. “The debt to GDP there is only about 70 percent. Here’s it’s over 100 percent, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But the reason Puerto Rico has had to face the music, while we’re still dancing to it, in the United States, is because interest rates have risen in Puerto Rico and it’s the higher rates that create the problem. … The only reason we can pretend we’re solvent, is that interest rates here are at zero.”

America’s Rebel Spirit

Moonshine, a clear un-aged whiskey, evokes imagery of lawlessness and Prohibition in the early 1930s. So with Prohibition long gone, why is moonshine still thriving today and why is it illegal? Jaime Joyce, author of Moonshine: A Cultural History of America’s Most Infamous Liquor, tells Reason TV’s Anthony Fisher that it’s a matter of economics, since moonshine is prevalent in poor, rural America. Joyce explains the cultural significance of moonshine and the role it played in the creation of NASCAR.

A Matter Of Transparency

Marc Hyden, of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, says conservatives should fight for transparency when it comes to death-penalty drugs. “When you’re talking about the transparency issues where they’re making these secret drug combinations, it has nothing to do with national security but it’s being paid for with taxpayer funds so we deserve and have the right to know where that money is going.” Hyden elaborates in this special edition of Reason TV.

Backpack Funding the Answer

Nick Gillespie says our public schools aren’t doing so well. “Since the early seventies, we’ve more than doubled per pupil spending without increasing test scores for high school seniors,” he says. So what’s the solution? A little-know reform know as backpack funding. Listen to Gillespie as he explains in this edition of Reason TV.

A Recipe for Disaster

Mostly all actions have unanticipated consequences. But when government interjects legislation and regulation, that’s a surefire recipe for disaster. With that in mind, Reason TV presents “Greatest Moments in Unintended Consequences,” taking a closer look at the Osborne Reef, corn ethanol subsidies and Obamacare.

Petty Fees Pissing Off Citizens

Ticky-tacky fees and petty fines can build up a lot of hostility among the citizenry in a hurry. Reason TV takes a look at the three most fee-ridden cities in America.

More Airstrikes, No Troops

Reason TV’s Zach Weissmueller hit the road to Venice, California, to pose questions to its citizens about the military intervention against ISIS in Iraq. The interviews are also part of a Reason-Rupe Poll on the subject. Among the most common responses were our support of U.S. airstrikes in Iraq, but strong opposition toward boots on the ground. Check out more of Weismueller’s sojourn across the country and Reason Foundation Emily Ekins’ analysis.

Leno Changed Late-Night TV

Longtime producer of The Tonight Show Dave Berg praises Jay Leno for changing the politics of late-night television. Berg, in his new book, Behind the Curtain, tells Reason TV’s Alexis Garcia that, “Johnny (Carson) emphasized entertainers on his show. The strategy that we used to kind of expand and maybe get better ratings was to move beyond entertainers, and I think this is what distinguished Jay.” Find out more of what happened behind the scenes as Berg elaborates.

Capitalism is Best

Since President Obama took up residence in the White House, the debate began in earnest: socialism versus capitalism. While the national consensus is Obama leans toward more government and socialism, the majority of the country opines that good old-fashioned entrepreneurship and capitalism is the way to go. Georgetown University associate professor of philosophy Jason Brennan says in his new book, “Why Not Capitalism,” that the notion holding the most appeal with academics is that while socialism is unworkable in practice, it is still the best way to society in theory. “Such thinking neglects the fact that even in utopia, people will have significantly different visions of life well lived.” Join Brennan as he explains his vision to Reason TV’s Rob Montz.

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