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Dubai Drops Bogus Charges

She was the rape victim that Dubai treated as a criminal. When Norwegian businesswoman Marte Deborah Dalelv reported she was raped, authorities in Dubai didn’t arrest her attacker, but instead jailed Dalelv for having sex outside her marriage. The treatment stirred widespread outrage in the West and today, the authorities dropped the bogus charges against her.

What Did Salazar Say and Mean

What exactly did Colorado Democratic Rep. Joe Salazar say about rape on the floor of the Colorado House? Although his words sure sound a lot like a flaming miscue, a la Todd Akin, Salazar hasn’t received the same blanket, stigmatizing coverage in the media.

No doubt, Salazar gets a “pass,” ¬†owing to him being a “D” instead of an “R.” It’s funny how that works — how the press can ridicule a member of one party for taking a sip of water during a speech, while giving carte blanche to someone from the opposing party charged with banging underage hookers. But why beat a dead donkey, when pretty much everyone has figured out that the media is corrupt, biased and dealing from a stacked deck?

All that aside, Salazar’s defenders, including Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, are now raising an old canard on his behalf. To wit, Ferrandino told the Denver Post that Salazar’s words were taken out of context. Reveal Politics has responded by offering this extended take of Salazar’s floor speech. Listen and decide for yourself what he said and what he meant by his comments.

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