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Acid Attack in Zanzibar

Two Jewish girls walking along a street in Zanzibar sustained skin lesions after they were sprayed with acid by a roving gang of thugs. The girls, Kristie Trup and Katy Gee, are both British citizens who had gone to Zanzibar on a volunteering mission. Police have yet to identify or arrest their assailants.

A Tip on Race Relations

Is color-blindness in racial outlook a good thing? Zo says it is not. After all, why would God have created all sorts of beautiful shades of skin and ethnicities, if He did not want us to enjoy the variety? Zo explains that the goal should not be to be blind to diversity, but rather to not care what race people are when deciding who to be friends with or who to hire.

Detroit: A Liberal Success Story

Joe Dan Gorman says the George Zimmerman trial has as much to do with race as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are real reverends. Joe Dan addresses how liberals have politicized the trial as well as Detroit’s looming bankruptcy in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.


The Lynching

Bill Whittle examines the death of Trayvon Martin and trial of George Zimmerman. Is the acquittal of Zimmerman one of the great civil rights injustices of our time? Find out. H/T PJTV

Zimmerman Is Not White

Liberals keep referring to George Zimmerman as white. Some even call him a white Hispanic. Zo asks why libs have such a hard time accepting Zimmerman’s Latino heritage. Could liberal bias against Zimmerman be further proof of pervasive racism? Hear what Zo thinks. H/T PJTV

ZOreo?!? Zo Rebuts Liberals

AlfonZo Rachel is taking heat from liberals for being too white. Is it because his show introduction features white people, or because he plays and enjoys rock music? Or is it simply because his critics are racists? Find out. H/T PJTV

The Bigoted Bully-crats

AlfonZo Rachel explains why the Democrats are the party of bullies, and reminds viewers of the long history of racism by the Democrats. Hear more as Zo tells you the story of the Democratic Party’s long association with the KKK, on this ZoNation.


The Most Racist Countries

A new global social attitudes study, by World Value Survey, claims that the most racially intolerant populations are all in the developing world, with Bangladesh, Jordan and India in the top five.

Obama Is Doing Squat

AlfonZo Rachel sounds off on the First Lady’s belief that race relations still have a long way to go in this nation. Zo asks what President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have done for the Black community? H/T PJTV

Liberals Fixate on Lincoln

The Democratic Party opposed President Lincoln and just about every other civil rights advance in the United States. So why are Democrats and Hollywood liberals now trying to claim Abraham Lincoln as their president? Hear what Alfonzo Rachel thinks.

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