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What Your Ice Cream Reveals

Baskin Robbins recently partnered with a smell and taste expert to figure out which personality types tend to pick certain flavors.

The Real Walking Dead

There are people who are alive, but who are convinced they are dead. It’s called Cotard Syndrome and it’s one of the most bizarre and intriguing disorders we’ve ever heard of. DNews details what’s going on inside these people’s heads.

Why Do We Cry?

Why does your face leak when you’re sad or emotional? Is there a psychological cause for this physical reaction? How does crying involve both communication and stress reduction? Mitchell Moffit explains in this episode of ASAPScience.

Is Psychology a Science?

Is psychology really a science or a pseudo-science, founded upon vague premises?

Are You a Psychopath?

Psychologist Kevin Dutton presents the classic psychological test known as “the trolley problem” with a variation. Take the test and measure your response on the psychopathic spectrum.

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